English Julius Caesar Act 1 Notes

Who are Flavius and Murellus? Noble men.The act opens with them telling the commoners to go back to work.
Why is everyone in the streets in the beginning of Act 1? They are celebrating Caesars triumph over Pompey who was formerly the co ruler of Rome.
Are Flavius and Murellus celebrating Ceasars triumph as well? No, they did not like that the commoners were celebrating in the very place where they had once celebrated Pompeys victories. Telling the commoners to go home.
What do Flavius and Murellus do on the way to the Capitol? They take all the decorations off the statues of Caesar.
Do Flavius and Murellus want Ceasar to become king? No, they are disgusted that the crowd would go from loving Pompey to celebrating his death.
Do Calpurnia and Caesar have any children? No, she is barren – Octavian the nephew is like there son.
Why does Caesar ask Mark Antony to touch Calpurnia? bc she is barren they believed if he ran the race and won and touched her then the curse of being barren would be broken.
What does the Soothsayer say to Caesar at the race? beware of the ides of March
What do Brutus and Cassius discuss? That Brutus has been quiet of late and not his normal self
What reason does Brutus give Cassius for why he has not been himself? he is deep in thought and vexed with the state of life in Rome. He is at war with himself.
What does Cassius tell Brutus that he should know about himself? That he is honorable and very well respected.
When the crowd cheering what is Brutus afraid of? That Ceasar is being made king
What does that reveal to Cassius about Brutus? that Brutus does not want Caesar to be King
What does Brutus say he is willing to do for Rome? He willing to die for the good of Rome. Rome is more important than his own life
Cassius Speech – What points does he make about Julius Caesar. He doesnt think that Caesar is superior to himself or Brutustwo stories – spain- fever acts like a little girl Caesar challenges Cassius to a race in raging water and Cassius has to rescue Caesar. Illustrate Caesar’s weaknesses
What other thing does Cassius use to compare Caesar to? The Colossus – he says Caesar is like the Colossus and he and Brutus are like chic to a mother hen.
Who does blame for Caesar success? Both he and Brutus
What historical story does he use to encourgae Brutus to act? He talk of the Brutus back history that kick out the tyrants. Line 160 ACT 1
What does Brutus finally agree to do? He agrees to think about what Cassius is saying
When Caesar returns from the race and sees Cassius, What does he say to Mark Antony? He says that Cassius is lean and hungry look and that he thinks too much – such men are dangerous – Lines 193-195 He continues on with the fact that men like Cassius are not content until they are on top line 210
Who went with Caesar to the race and knows what happened with the loud cheering? Casca
What does Casca tell Brutus and Cassius about what happened after the race? Marc Antony offered Caesar his crown three times from the Race Caesar did not take it but also fainted (Brutus assumes falling sickness epiletic seizure) Crowd still cheers for Caesar even though he fainted.
What does Cicero do at the race after Caesar faints? Speaks in Greek
What famous line does Casca say after he hears Cicero speak? Its greek to me
What news does Casca give Brutus and Cassius about Flavius and Murellus? they have been evicted from Rome from removing the celebratory scarves from the images of Caesar around the city.
What does Cassius’ sililoquy at the end of Act 1 scene 2 reveal? That he knows that Brutus is honorable but that he hopes that he will be able to “bend” him. He also reveals his plan of sending letters to Brutus as if they are from the citizens complaining of Caesar and appealing to Brutus for help. Cassius is manipulative.
What are the weird things that happen at the beginning of Scene 3? raining fireman left hand flaming but not consumed ghastly/ghostly women walking the streetsowl bird of night at the marketplace during the day
What did Cicero think they should do in such a bad night? Go home and not walk around
What does Cassius think is the meanings of these strange signs? he thinks it is Caesars ambition to become king but Cassius has evil ambitions too (kill Caesar)
What does Casca tell Cassius about what the Senators plan to do? They plan to make Caesar king – dictator
What does Cassius tell Casca during the storm about what he will do Caesar becomes King? He will kill himself.
What did Cassius do on the dreadful night? He walked around in the weather without even worrying about it/ bared his breast to the storm
Why do the conspirators want Brutus to be a part of the plan? b/c he will lend honor to their cause and make it more acceptable with credibility.
Who does Cassius give the letters that he wrote for Brutus to deliver them? Cinna
Who are the conspirators? Cassius, Casca, Cinna, Metellus Cimber so far. later Trebonius will be added
At the end of scene three what is Cassius next plan, where is he going? To Brutus’ home

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