English IV Study Guide Beowulf

In Beowulf, why does Beowulf sail with his chosen companions to Hrothgar’s kingdom? To help Hrothgar by destroying a monster
From which fact in Beowulf can the reader infer that Beowulf is honorable? Beowolf refuses to use weapons because Grendel usés none.
In Beowolf, how does Grendel die? In one-to-one combat, Beowulf tears off Grendel’s arm.
In Beowolf, what is the main reason Wiglaf thinks that he and his companions should help Beowolf fight the dragon? In the past, they had promised to repay Beowulf’s kindness with their loyalty.
If a certain place can correctly be described as a lair, which of the following must be true? It serves as a living or hiding place.
Which of the following things would most likely be described as gruesome? A horrible automobile accident
If an animal can correctly be described as writhing, which of the following must be true? It is squirming
What does this statement tell you about Grendel, the first monster described in the selection from Beowulf? He has intelligence and cleverness
Which of the following best summerizes the theme, or main lesson, of Beowulf? Valor will triumph
Which excerpt from Beowulf best supports the answer to Part A? Then the Geats’ brave prince entered/ Herot, covered with glory for the daring / Battles he had fought; he sought Hrothgar / To salute him and show Grendel’s head.
Which choice best paraphrases the underlined words in this excerpt from Beowulf? To kill him
Which of the following is the most likely conclusion about Beowulf that can be drawn from his battle with Grendel’s mother? Beowulf triumphed over Grendel’s mother through a combination of good fortune and his own strength and determination.
Which excerpt from Beowulf best supports the answer to Part A? Then he saw, hanging on the wall, a heavy / Sword, hammered by giants, strong / And blessed with their màgic, the best of all weapons/ But so massive that no ordinary man could lift. He lifted it high over his head / And struck with all the strengthbhe had left.
Which of the following accurately state a reason to characterize Beowulf as an epic? Three options. It depicts a hero battling forces that threaten the world, It is a story that is told in a serious manner, and It uses elevated language.
Which of the following characteristics or actions clearly shows that Beowulf fits the definition of an epic hero? He fights with extraordinary strength and courage.
Which of the following elements of Beowulf is most clearly an archetypal pattern The struggle between an evil creature and an exemplary hero
(Part A)Which of the following is the most likely reason that the author shows Beowulf as a warrior at different stages of his life? To show that Beowulf maintained the qualities of an epic hero until his death and so deserves glory
Which quotation from Beowulf best supports the answer to Part A? And them twelve of the bravest Geats/Rode their horses around the tower/ Telling their stories/Of their dead king and his greatness, his glory, Praising him for heroic deed, for life/As noble as his name….(lines 854-859)
Which of the following is o e correct meaning of the Anglo-Saxon suffix some? Tending to do or to be a specific thing
The verb meddle means to interfere in other people’s affairs without their permission or to handle or change something in a way that is unwanted or harmful. Use this information as well as your prior knowledge of the suffix -some to choose the correct definition of meddlesome Nosy
Which of the following underlined phrases is an example of apposition in which one noun phrase inventories another? The mead hall, a feasting place was also where victories were celebrated.
In which of the following sentences is apposition most clearly used to elaborate on a noun or noun phrase rather than to simply identify the thing that names The Romans feared Warriors and conquerors of much of the known world invaded the island now called England in 55 BC
Which of the following sentences illustrates the use of diazeugma? Anglo-Saxon King Alfred of Wessex fought the Vikings defeated them soundly and finally united the kingdom of England into a single country

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