English IV Othello Act 1 Quiz

What military rank does Iago feel was rightfully his? Lieutenant
What is the setting of Act 1? Venice
As a moor, Othello most likely comes from North Africa
Who is accused of using witchcraft? Othello
What technique is being used when Othello entrusts Desdamona to Iago? Dramatic irony
Why does Iago hate Othello? Othello is black and there is a rumor that Othello slept with Iago’s wife
What are two types of followers Iago describes in Act 1 scene 1? Servant follower and those who seem loyal to get ahead
Why is Brabantio angry at Desdemona? What does this reveal about women’s position in society? She ran off to marry a man of whom he did not approve without his permission. This says that women needed someone to guide them because they could not make their own decisions.
What does Brabantio insist must have happened to Desdemona for her to love Othello? He insists that Othello must have put a spell on Desdemona because there is no other way that she could’ve wanted to be with him.
What does the Duke mean when he says “If virtue no delighted beauty lack,/ Your son-in-law is far more fair than black.” The Duke means that, if virtue was physical and influenced outer beauty, Othello would be white because of his morals and good nature.
What does Iago’s advice to the lovesick Roderigo reveal about what he thinks of Desdemona’s love for Othello?
What is Iago’s plan to get revenge on Othello? Iago will tell Othello that Desdemona slept with Cassio while Othello was away. This will upset Othello, who will harm Cassio, so that Iago may gain the political position.
Abhor Hated, disgusted
Cashiered Dismissed with dishonor
Conjuration Summoned by magic
Incense To make very angry
Iniquity Wickedness
Insolent Rude, disrespectful
Mandate A decree or command
Pertain Connected or associated
Glutted To excess
Sated Satisfied