English IV Honors: Beowulf

Who’s Hrothgar? Danish King.
What does Herot mean? Hall.
Describe Grendel using four specific details from the text. 1) Murderer 2) Monster3) Big Claws4) Unattractive
What irritates Grendel and becomes his motive for attacking Herot? Music and joy occurring loudly in the hall.
Give a detail of Grendel’s first attack. Each night, he sneaks in and kills as many men as he can and send them back to his lair.
Name a specific ancient ancestor of Grendel’s. Cain (from the bible).
What happens to Herot? Waited for twelve years for Grendel’s next attack.
Who’s Beowulf? Great warrior and fighter.
Name the country from which Beowulf comes. Geat Lands.
Who’s Higlac and how is Beowulf related to him? King of the Geats and Beowulf’s uncle.
How did Beowulf hear about the wrath of Grendel? People had fled to Herot and told stories which have traveled across the ocean over twelve years.
What’re are two accomplishments Beowulf states he’s done? 1) Drove five great giants into chains.2) Killed many enemies.
What request does Beowulf make of Hrothgar? Send my armor back home.
Why wouldn’t the Danes have to sew shrouds for the Geats if Grendel triumphs? Be eaten by Grendel.
When does Grendel arrive at Herot? At night.
From where does Grendel come from? Out from the marsh.
What surprises Grendel when he comes in contact w/ Beowulf? Was wide awake.
Why could the men’s swords not harm Grendel? Laid a spell that no man’s sword could harm him.
How does Beowulf kill Grendel? Blood gushing out after pulling his left shoulder off his body.
What does Beowulf do after Grendel escapes? Why? Hangs Grendel’s arm on the ceiling. For proof.
Give two descriptions of Grendel in this section as Beowulf was attacking him. 1) Sharp claws.2) Strong teeth.
List three very specific details of Herot found is this section during Beowulf and Grendel fighting. 1) Benches rattle.2) Gold outside of wall’s. 3) Iron Wall.
Describe Grendel’s lair (three). 1) Underwater.2) In the swamp.3) His mom and other creatures undersea.
What’s Grendel’s mother’s motivation for going to Herot? Avenge her son.
After celebrating Beowulf’s victory, what occurs at Herot? Grendel’s mom attacks Hrothgard’s best friend.
Two things mother caries back to her lair from Herot? 1) Grendel’s arm.2) Hrothgard’s best friend (dead).
What do the Danes entreat Beowulf to do? What would be his reward? Kill the mom. Lots of gold.
Where does Beowulf find the mom? Underwater moss.
What protects him from her claws? His mail armor and God.
What was Beowulf’s motivation in accomplishing this deed? Longing for fame.
What happens to Beowulf’s helmet? Bit by the mom.
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? What was the exact weapon? Sword owned by the mom. Like Beowulf’s sword.
After Beowulf kills her, what does he do before leaving the lair? Find Grendel and kills him.
What do the Danes who are observing at the lake do? Why? Leave. B/c of blood in the water, assumed it was Beowulf dead.
What do the Geats do? Stay.
What two items does Beowulf carry w/ him back to Herot? 1) Grendel’s head.2) Mighty sward (hilts of the giants jeweled sword.)
What’s Beowulf’s future when he returns to Geatland? King.
Beowulf’s last enemy (monster) was? Dragon.
What happens when Beowulf strikes the dragon w/ his sword. Breaks.
What do Beowulf’s comrades do during the dragon battle? Run away.
Who’s his loyal soldier that stays during the dragon battle? Wiglaf.
How’s the dragon defeated? Wiglaf and almost dead Beowulf defeat the dragon together.
What’s Beowulf’s request of Wiglaf? Go to the dragon den and get as many treasure as possible.
What happens to Beowulf? What’s his desire? Dies. Make a tomb tower and burn his body to ash.
What’ the fate of Wiglaf? Honorable.
What do the Geats do to honor the wishes of Beowulf? Built the tower, strong, and tall.
Why does Beowulf want tower built? People won’t forget about what he’s done.

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