English IV Hamlet Act IV Quiz Review Part 6

How does Claudius feel about Hamlets return to Denmark? How do you know? Hamlets return to England frightens Claudius, for he immediately sets to work planning Hamlet’s death with Laertes.
What happens to Ophelia? Ophelia falls into a brook and drowns.
Is Ophelia’s death a suicide? Why, or why not? Although Ophelia’s death is often called a suicide, it is not so described by Gertrude. According to Gertrude, Ophelia fell into the brook by accident when a willow branch broke. She floated for a minute, but then sank and drowned. The fact that Ophelia sang while floating on the water, rather than struggle or cry for help, suggests that her mental disturbance made her unaware of her danger.
What are the consequences of killing Polonius? As a result of the murder of Polonius, Claudius decides to have Hamlet put to death and sends him to England; the people blame Claudius and call for Laertes to be made king; Laertes becomes enraged and wishes to seek revenge; and Ophelia goes insane and, in her madness, drowns.
Is Hamlet responsible for the death of Ophelia? Why, or why not? He is not to blame since Ophelia rejects Hamlet first (though under Polonius’s orders) and the killing of Polonius is accidental.

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