English IV A: Beowulf

Who is best known for his infamous acts? Adolf Hitler
A pilgrimage always involves travel
A person’s muscles become taut when he/she is exercising
All of the following qualities of Beowulf come out in the epic EXCEPT compassion
Which of the following elements is shown to be most powerful in Beowulf’s world? fire
Beowulf believes that the outcome of all of his efforts is ultimately determined by God and fate
Beowulf reflects the belief that the battle between good and evil is never-ending
People who relish competition are competitive
What does the alliteration in the following lines help most to emphasize? “But Higlac’s follower…/fastened those claws/In his fists till they cracked, clutched Grendel/Closer.” the sounds of the battle
A lament is an expression of grief
How does Grendel respond to the realization that Beowulf will challenge his fighting skills? fearfully
Which of the following is NOT associated with Grendel’s realm? fire
The fire dragon is awakened by an act of greed
Beowulf’s preparation for battle against the fire dragon differs from his preparation for battle against Grendel in that Beowulf carries weapons
The main struggle in Beowulf is between good and evil
Beowulf’s deeds require tremendous courage
When Beowulf realizes that the battle with the fire dragon will go against him, he continues to fight
The comment, “So gold can easily Triumph, defeat the strongest of men, No matter how deep it is hidden,” implies that lust for gold is ultimately destructive for all men.
Why does Beowulf want Wiglaf to bring him the jewels from the fire dragon’s castle? He wants the comfort of seeing the prize he has won.
As Beowulf lay dying, his attitude toward his death is one of acceptance
What does the alliteration in the following lines help most to heighten? “Herot trembled, wonderfully/Built to withstand the blows, the struggling/Great bodies beating at its beautiful walls.” the sound and feeling of blows being struck

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