English III The Crucible

a verse composition created for a performance by actors. drama
the american drama began to take off in the early… 1900s
all dramas have the following: dialoguestage directionsprotagonistantagonistconflict
whenever the protagonist has an unhappy ending it is called a… tragedy
whenever the protagonist has a happy ending it is called a… comedy
american playwright and essayist won a pulitzer prize for dramawas blacklisted, but was able to salvage his career. He was accused of being a communist.was married to marilyn monroewrote the crucible as a way to show the red scare was unnecessary. arthur miller
a farmer in salem; intelligent; goes against the idea the girls are telling the truth about witchcraft; had an affair with abigail williams John Proctor
John’s wife; a good woman; strict in her moral upbringing; truthful Elizabeth Proctor
a 17 year old girl; the niece of Rev. Parris; was the Proctor’s servant; malicious; vengeful; immoral. Abigail Williams
presides over the salem witch trials; more interested in the dignity and stature of the court rather than the truth. Deputy Governor Danforth
A weak-minded minister; instigates fear in the village because of the dancing and crying out of witchcraft. Rev. Samuel Parris
a scholar from beverly who comes to salem to see if there really are witch; very suspicious of the events and the girls. Rev. John Hale
a farmer and old resident of salem; constantly filing lawsuits against his neighbors; wants to prove the girls are frauds. Giles Corey
Reverend Parris’ slave from Barbados; is the first person accused of being a witch Tituba
Richest man in the village; his daughter is one of the girls; very vindictive; wants more land Thomas Putnam
a respected citizen of salem; elderly; midwife to a number of children in salem Rebecca Nurse
Reverend Parris’ daughter; one of the girls involved; goes into hysterics when she starts to charge people with witchcraft Betty Parris
other characters: Ann Putnam, Judge Hathorne, Mary Warren, Francis Nurse, Sarah Good
What is the cause for concern in the Parris household? Betty. Abigail and 12 other girls were spotted dancing around a pot by reverend parris with tituba. Betty after they were spotted, fainted due to terror. Betty had been “sleeping” and trying to fly. Reverend Parris believed her spirit is taken by the devil.
What has occurred between John Proctor and Abigail Williams before the time in which the play begins? an affair. John Proctor no longer wants to be with Abigail, but she wants to be with him.
Why does Reverend Hale come to Salem? Reverend Hale has experience with spirits and devils so Parris believes he can help best with Betty. look for witches mark.
Why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem? to show that the girls are frauds.
Why does Hale come to the Proctors’ home? because elizabeths name was mentioned in court
What proof leads to Elizabeth’s arrest? Abigail saw Mary Warren stick the needle in the doll that she gave to Elizabeth and she stuck herself with a needle.
Why does Mary Warren come to the court? John Proctor brings her to testify that the girls are trying about witches and falsely accusing people.
What does John Proctor admit to the court? He admits his affair with Abigail Williams.
Why is Proctor arrested at the end of the act? he calls Abigail a ***** and says God is dead
Why has Reverend Hale returned to Salem? he is trying to get Proctor and others to confess.
Why does Danforth summon Elizabeth Proctor? they want elizabeth to convince Proctor to confess
What does John Proctor do when asked to sign a confession? John Proctor takes the confession and refuses to give it back to Danforth because he doesn’t want his name to be on paper that he confessed
lust john proctor
envy ann putnam
pride paris, giles, rebecca, proctor, danforth
sloth proctor giles
wrath elizabeth proctor
greed thomas putnam

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