English I Odyssey Final Review

The messenger of the gods; he tells Calypso to let Odysseus go Hermes
Polyphemus’s father; god of the seas Poseidon
The goddess of wisdom; helps Odysseus on his journey Athena
King of Ithaca; warrior; in love with Penelope Odysseus
Owner of sacred cattle; god of the sun Helios
Odysseus’s beloved dog; dies after seeing Odysseus return Argus
Goddess who loves Odysseus and holds him captive for 7 years on her island Calypso
Blind prophet Odysseus visits in the underworld Tiresias
Odysseus’s son who helps his father overthrow the suitors Telemachus
Cyclops who is tricked by Odysseus; ends up being blinded Polyphemus
Goddess who turns Odysseus’s men into pigs/swine Circe
Faithful wife of Odysseus Penelope
He was a blind poet and is responsible for the tale of Odysseus Homer
The Odyssey is considered to be… an epic poem
The setting for the Odyssey is Greece around 1200 B.C.
When the Odyssey begins, Odysseus has just finished fighting The Trojan War
The Odyssey begins in media res which means in the middle of things
What is the name of the text written before the Odyssey, written by the same author, which tells the tales of the first 10 years Odysseus is away from home? The Illiad
How did the lotus flower affect those sailors who ate the “sweet” and “honeyed plant”? It made them forget their homes.
Which character trait does Odysseus demonstrate when he lies to the Cyclops and tells him his name is “Nohbdy”? Cleverness
Odysseus first wishes to kill the sleeping Polyphemus with his sword. Why doesn’t he do so? With Polyphemus dead, nobody will be able to open the cave door.
Odysseus and his surviving men escape the Cyclop’s cave with cleverness and strategy
What character flaw does Odysseus reveal when he tells the Cyclops his real name, his father’s name, and where he is from? his pride
What relative does Odysseus meet in Hades that upsets him? his mother
Why is the spirit of Elpenor, one of Odysseus’s men, seen in Hades? He never had a proper burial
The Sirens try to lure Odysseus and his men with their alluring songs
Odysseus shows his concern for his men by placing ___________ over their ears as they pass The Sirens earplugs
Despite Odysseus’s warning, what drove his men to eat the cattle of the sun god? They were hungry.
What was Odysseus doing while his men were eating the cattle? sleeping
After the encounter with the Cyclops, the most deadly, destructive incident involves which of the following? Zeus and his lightening bolt
How is Odysseus disguised when he returns home? as a beggar
Who is the protector and helper of Odysseus? Athena
How many years total has Odysseus been gone from home when he finally returns? 20
Telemachus spoke with incredulity when Odysseus said he was his father. This means Telemachus was… unable to believe the news
What important information does Odysseus want from his son upon first arriving in Ithaca? How many suitors are there?
Odysseus does not reveal himself to the suitors or anyone other than Telemachus at first for what reason? he wants to make careful plans
What does Argus do after recognizing Odysseus? dies
How does Penelope feel about the suitors? She is angered by their using her resources and taking over her land.
What trick does Penelope use to delay choosing her new husband? She unravels a burial shroud she is weaving.
When Penelope first meets the disguised Odysseus, she receives him with… the hospitality due to a stranger
The disguised Odysseus tells Penelope that he cannot answer questions about what? his past
What are the suitors planning to do to Telemachus? kill him
What does Penelope suggest in order to pick a husband? stringing Odysseus’ bow and shooting it through 12 axe handles
What is the sign Zeus gives Odysseus during the contest? a loud boom of thunder and crack of lightening
Which two gods step in a the end of the story and assist Odysseus? Zeus and Athena
Penelope makes a final test of Odysseus’ identity by getting him to tell… about the building of their bed
Which is an important theme in the Odyssey, Part 2? Good triumphs over evil.
Which of the following is an example of a simile? Odysseus stood watching the unruly suitors like a captain surveying a rough sea.
Throughout the story when Odysseus finds himself in great danger, he usually gets out of it by… planning carefully

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