English Huckleberry FInn chapter 15-30

What trick does Huck play on Jim? Huck, in the canoe, gets separated from Jim. He tries to paddle back to the raft, the fog is so thick that he looses sense of direction.
Why doesn’t huck turn in Jim? they had just become best friends
Why didn’t the slave hunters get Jim? They made a story that his father had a very bad illness
What is the difference between Huck and the Slave hunters? HUck is helping a slave, and trying to get him free while the slave hunters are hunting for runaway slaves.
What is the bad luck in chapter 16? The canoe’s disappearance, and them missing Cairo in the fog, and the snakeskin on the island.
How does Huck get to the Grandgerfords? After jumping of the canoe, from getting hurt from the steam boat, Huck makes his way to shore and comes across their house where the doings stop him.
WHy did Twain add this adventure with grandgerfords? To show the violence
How did Huck and Jim meet the King and the Duke? The King and the Duke are on the run from a failed enterprise as con men, They both run down to the river and beg Huck and Jim to take them on board their raft
Does Huck and Jim believe the story At first they do, but they realize they are lying.
What’s the point of the incident of the shooting for Boggs Boggs is the town drunk and Sherman came across him drunk, and started pushing his limits.
What do we hear about Elizabeth? She is Jims daughter, and and we find out she is deaf.
Where did the king and the duke fin the plain about the Wilkes brothers?m They found a little boy by the side of the river, and they hear him talking about it.
How did the duke and the king find the money They pretended to be the wilke brothers .
How did huck steal the money from the mattress? They try and give it back to the nieces.
Why doesn’t Hucks conscience get to him when he is lying? He is lying for a good cause
WHat things Giove away the king and the duke When the real brother comes
Why is huck sad about the selling of Jim? Because it was daulpohin who bought him and then sold him
Why is it important when Jim says alright i ll go to hell? Because Jim is his best friend and would do anything for his freedom.
Why did people want to go back to the play ? Because it said no women and children allowed
What are two cleverness ideas from the king and the duke? The king says they are running form people and dogs, and and convicted the people to speak.

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