English Hamlet quiz 1

What are the major plot points in scene 1 of Hamlet? -Marcellus, Bernardo, and Francisco see ghost -They decide to tell Horatio -Horatio sees ghost -Horatio tells some backstory to the kingdom, he talks about the fight between King Fortinbra and King Hamlet, King Hamlet won and young Prince Fortinbra wants the land back, therefore the kingdom in building for war-Horatio decides to tell Hamlet because it looks like the late king
Major Characters in scene 2 of Hamlet? Claudius- King of Denmark Gertrude- Queen Laertes- Brother of Ophelia, son of PoloniusOphelia- Sister of Laertes, daughter of Polonius Polonius- Secretary of state
Major plot points of scene 2 of Hamlet? -Claudius plans to send Uncle Norway a message about Young Fortinbra -Laertes asks the king for leave to go to France -Hamlet is reprimanded for grieving, his uncle the king tells him it is unmanly, that every man loses a father, and how he is Hamlets father now-Gertrude asks him not to go back to school in Wittenberg -Hamlet compares world to an unweeded garden, wants to commit suicide but God has written that is sin(Catholic Influence)-Hamlet calls his mother worse than a beast
Major plot points of scene 3 of Hamlet? -Laertes is leaving -Laertes gives Ophelia advice about Hamlet, tells her to be careful and not to give anything away to Hamlet -Laertes does not practice what he preaches however-Polonius gives advice to his children-Polonius also tells Ophelia she is stupid and should leave Hamlet and Ophelia says she will obey
Major plot points of scene 4 and 5 of Hamlet? -Hamlet believes the whole country is drunk because of his uncles habit of drinking when he is happy-Hamlet asks ghost if it is good or bad-Ghost waves him over and his friends try ti stop him-Hamlet follows the ghost -Ghost can’t describe the terrible purgatory he is in -Ghost tells Hamlet to get revenge for his murder -Hamlets father was murdered by his Uncle with poison that looked like the snake venom-Hamlet tells his friends to keep it quiet and that he will be acting insane