English: Hamlet

what is the great chain of being, and how does its ranking system work? – God- Angels- sheraphim- cherubim- dominions- thrones- powers- archangels- Angels
what do you learn about the play’s setting within the first scene? – there is an ominous feeling in Denmark- the Danish are patriotic people
what does the ghost want Hamlet to do? – to get revenge for his fathers death
why does Hamlet make Horatio and Marcellus swear on the sword? – swords = strength- by swearing on the sword, Hamlet is taking up the mantle of his father
how do both King Hamlet and Claudis serve as inspiration for Mufasa and Scar in The Lion King? – Claudius has wit and being crafty with words like Scar- King Hamlet has strength like Mufasa
how does Shakesphere use speech to characterize Ophelia? – her speech is short and uses phrases of obedience- characterization shows that she’s one of the plays more submissive characters
what is Polonius’ plan for Reynaldo and Laertes? – Polonious sends Reynaldo to France to spread rumors about his son- purpose is finding out whether Laertes is involved in any vices
how does the play use Polonius to criticize wit? – Polonious spends most the play using his words and can be perceived as an oafish character- the scene with Reynaldo shows that Polonious is crafty like Claudius is
who is Hecuba, and what effect does she have on Hamlet? – Hebcua = character from Aeneid – players recite speech from a play about Hebcua which moves both the lead players and Hamlet to tears
how does Shakespeare use speech to characterize Polonius? – Polonious talks a lot and doesn’t realize he’s being rude or making a fool of himself
what is Hamlet debating in the “To be or not to be” soliloquy? If he should kill himself or not
how does Hamlet use the metaphors of slings and arrows, sleep, undiscovered countries and travelers in his “To Be or Not to Be” speech? – slings and arrows: pains of life – sleep: relief from life/death- undiscovered countries: death is like a place where no one has gone – travelers: human beings, they travel into “death” but never come back
which conclusion about suicide does Hamlet come to in “To Be or Not to Be” – It’s braver to go out into the unknown of death than it is to keep suffering in life
why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudis? – Hamlet wants Claudius to go to hell and since Claudius is praying he’s afraid he will go to heaven
who does Claudius compare himself to as he prays? – Cain
how does Claudius conclude his speech and why does he conclude it that way? – “My words fly up my thoughts remain below. Words without thought never go to heaven- Claudius end his prayer this way because even though his words go up to heaven in prayer, his thoughts and interiors remain so they aren’t doing him any good
who does Hamlet kill in act III and why does he kill him? – Hamlet kills Polonious – he hears somebody hiding beaned his mother’s arras and thinks it Claudius
why is it singificant that Gertrude calls Hamlet’s deed rash and bloody? – shows that there’s a negative side to taking action right away
what significance do worms, fish and sponges play in act IV? – Hamlet uses them to show that all creation is equalized by death
what does agency mean? give an example of someone with agency – agency = having control over oneself – Ophelia could possess agency when she decides to kill herself because that her decision and no one else’s
what does Ophelia do when she’s mad, and why does she do it? – gives the other characters flowers so that she can list her grievances with them
how does Ophelia die and what is significant about the description of her death? – she drowns herself in a pond- symbolizes her re-birth and shows her changing from a character who is controlled to a character who has control over her own life
what is significant about the “Alas Poor Yorick” speech? – Hamlet talks again about how people are equalized by death but is touched by the memory of his old jester- could be a catalysts for Hamlet finally committing to taking action because his memory of Yorick spurs him to see that one of life’s purposes to is leave effects on others
what is significant about the allusion to Alexander the Great? – Hamlet talks about how all people are equal in death- Alexander dies and turns to dust
how does Hamlet die? – Laertes’ sword
how does laertes die? – Hamlet’s sword
how does claduis die? – death by Hamlet’s sword and poison cup
how does gertrude die? – drinks out of poison cup herself
how/why does Shakespeare intend his audience to compare Hamlet to Prince Fortinbras? – Shakesphere make this comparison to show what Hamlet could’ve done if he took actions earner

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