english gcse – macbeth blood quotes

so well thy words become thee as thy wounds; the smack of honour both -act 1, scene 2: duncan at first in the play, blood is a sign of bravery and strength
make thick my blood -act 1, scene 5: lady macbeth lady macbeth asks the spirits to make her brave enough to murder duncan
on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood, which was not so before -act 2, scene 1: macbeth macbeth sees duncan’s blood on the dagger as he resolves himself to commit the murder
will all of neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? -act 2, scene 2:macbeth this is echoed later in lady macbeth’s sleepwalking, when she feels the same level of guilt
my hands are of your colour but I shame to wear a heart so white -act 2, scene 2: lady macbeth lady macbeth still views the red blood as a sign of bravery, but criticises her husband for his fear of being caught. this is ironic, as earlier in the scene she says ‘th’attempt and not the deed confounds us’
a little water clears us of this deed – act 2, scene 2: lady macbeth lady macbeth assumes that washing the blood from their hands will show their innocence, foreshadowing her sleepwalking, where she cannot rid herself of the blood on her hands
blood will have blood -act 3, scene 4: macbeth one murder will cause another, and macbeth sees that this bloodtrail will ultimately lead back to himself
I am in blood stepp’d in so far that should I wade no more returning were as tedious as go o’er -act 3, scene 4: macbeth macbeth recognises the extent of his murders, shows a last ounce of remorse, but ignores it
bleed, bleed, poor country -act 4, scene 3: macduff
out, damned spot! -act 5, scene 1: lady macbeth lady macbeth imagines a spot of duncan’s blood remains on her hand, as a manifestation of her guilt
what will these hands ne’er be clean? -act 5, scene 1: lady macbeth
all the perfumes of arabia will not sweeten this little hand -act 5, scene 1: lady macbeth echoes macbeth’s comment from act2sc2. the smallness of her hand makes it seem strange that she could have committed such a crime, as it makes her seem childish
now he does feel his secret murders sticking on his hands -act 5, scene 2: angus the blood on macbeth’s hands, as he suspected, has not gone away
clamorous harbingers of blood and death -act 5, scene 6: macduff blood is once again a sign of bravery and virtue when it is used against evil ie macbeth
my soul is too much charg’d with blood of thine already -act 5, scene 8: macbeth macbeth shows regret at killing macduff’s family as it might save his life

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