English Final- Jekyll and Hyde, Romeo and Juliet, and TKAMB

What is Utterson’s profession? Lawyer
With whom does Utterson take a daily walk? Enfield
What did Enfield see Hyde do late one night? Trample a little girl
In the beginning of the novel, eho is the heir (benefactor) of Dr. Jekyll’s will? Hyde
True or false, Mr. Utterson first meets Mr. Hyde at a coffee shop on Soho St. False
True or False, characters describe Mr. Hyde as a charming, honest, and sociable False
True or False, Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Lanyon were once good friends, but had drifted apart due to their difference in opinion over scientific matters. True
True or False, the servant girl who is sitting at a window witnesses the murder of Sir Danvers Carew. True
After the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, who leads the police to Hyde’s home? Utterson
After Carew’s murder, Mr. Hyde is nowhere to be found. How does his absence effect Dr. Jekyll? He becomes friendly and sociable again
What role does Poole play in the novel? Mr. Jekyll’s Butler
What does Mr. Guest tell Mr. Utterson about the handwriting on the letter from Hyde? It is very similar to Dr. Jekyll’s handwriting
What contradiction does Poole give Utterson prior to Utterson leaving Dr. Jekyll’s theater? No letter was delivered that day
From the very beginning of the story, why does Mr. Utterson care about this Mr. Hyde? He is the heir to Jekyll’s will
How does Utterson know where Hyde lives? Hyde gave Utterson his address
What was suspicious about the check that Hyde used to pay the girls parents? It was from Dr. Jekyll’s check book
What does the check make Utterson think is going on between Jekyll and Hyde? He believes Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll
True or False, Hyde used a cane to beat and kill Mr. Lanyon False
Mr. Enfield witnesses Hyde killing Mr. Carew False
True or False, the servant girl who is sitting at a window witnesses the murder of Sir Danvers Carew and runs to tell the police. False
What does Dr. Lanyon leave Mr. Utterson when he dies? A letter not to be opened until Lanyon’s death and a box not to be opened until Hyde’s death
True or False, Carew witnessed Hyde transform into Jekyll after giving him the medicine and was going to tell Utterson in a letter before Hyde killed him. False
What caused Lanyon’s death? The shock of seeing Hyde become Jekyll
What do Utterson and Enfield witness outside of Jekyll’s house? A look of horror on Jekyll’s face and the curtains closing quickly
Who summons Utterson to Jekyll’s house towards the end of the book? Poole worried about Jekyll
Who does Poole and Utterson find in the laboratory after they break the door down? Hyde’s dead body
Why did Jekyll desperately need to have more potion? Further, why would Hyde try to help him? Because Jekyll had lost control and was stuck as Hyde who was wanted for murder.
In his confession, why does Jekyll admit to creating Hyde? He had a dark side that he wanted to explore, Nobody had ever tried it and he wanted to show his brilliance as a scientist , and Hyde gave him the opportunity to live a different life of desires
What was the internal conflict between Jekyll and Hyde about? The desire to do bad things in balance with the power to do good. Duality of character
How is the conflict between Jekyll and Hyde resolved? Hyde murders Carew and must remain hidden in Jekyll’s body
Which of the following are symbols in the book? Poverty, Jekyll’s house and laboratory, and Hyde’s physical appearance
Where does the story take place? London
What Italian city is the setting of Romeo and Juliet? Verona
The street fight in the opening scene is between the servants of what two families Capulets and Montegues
Benvolio tries to stop the fight. Who attacks him? Tybalt
What does the Prince say will happen to anyone who disturbs the peace? Their life will be forfeit, excuted
How does Benvolio plan to cure Romo’s love sickness for Rosaline? he will show Romeo other, more beautiful girls
Who is the young man asks Capulet’s permission to woo Juliet> Paris
How does Lord Capulet feel about Romeo? has only heard good things, leaves him alone
How does Romeo find out who Juliet is during the party? The nurse tells him who is Juliet’s mother
Who tells Juliet who Romeo is at the party? The nurse
Why is Juliet sad at the end of Act 1? She has fallen in love with a sworn enemy
What is the first thing Romeo does in Act II? Romeo jumps the orchard wall to go back to Juliet’s house
Why won’t Romeo answer his friends when they call to him? He doesn’t want to get caught in the orchard
Why does Juliet confess her love for Romeo while he is in the garden listening? She does not know he is there
When Juliet’s nurse and Romeo are talking, what do Romeo’s friends do? Make fun of him and are rude to her
How many scenes are in Act II? 6
When the nurse returns, what does she do before telling Juliet Romeo’s response? She teases Juliet and makes her wait for the response
Who does Mercucio and Benvolio thing Romeo ran off to see at the beginning of Act II? Rosaline
Why does the Nurse come to see Romeo? To see if he really means that he wants to get married
What happens when the Nurse tells Juliet of Romeo’s answer? Juliet blushes
Where is Romeo waiting at the end of Act II and with whom is he waiting? With Friar Lawrence in his cell
Who said “Who says:”By my head, here comes the Capulets.” at the very beginning of Act III? Benvolio
In response to the phrase “by my head, here comes the Capulets.” who says “By my heel, I care not.”? Mercutio
How does Mercutio get injured? Stabbed by Tybalt while Romeo is holding him back
Who said:”There lies that Tybalt.”? Benvolio
How does Juliet find out that Romeo killed Tybalt? Nurse tells her
Who says:”What less than doomsday is the Prince’s doom?” Romeo to Friar Lawrence
How does Romeo find out he is banished? Friar Lawrence tells him
Who takes the dagger away from Romeo, when he is about to kill himself? Nurse
Who says:”Do so, and bid my sweet prepare to chide.” Romeo
What does Friar Lawrence keep repeating in his long lines when he is trying to make Romeo feel better? There art thou happy
What is “bite back your thumb”? An insult
According to Lord Montague, this caused his wife’s death. Grief over Romeo’s banishment
What is the climax of the story Romeo and Juliet? Act III Tybalt’s death
Which character loves to hear himself talk? Mercutio
Who was bribed with gold coins to sell an illegal potion used for suicide? The Apothecary
Who said the following line? “My child is but a stranger in the world.” Lord Capulet
Who said the following line? “For I never saw true beauty in the world until this night.” Romeo
Who said the following line? “These violent delights have violent ends.” Friar Lawrence
Why did Friar Lawrence approve of the marriage of Romeo and Juliet? He thought it would bring peace to the two houses
Who said the following line? “For never was a story more of woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Who is Prince Escalus?
For what literary device is the following quote used? “I fear too early for my mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars.” Foreshadowing
How is the following line used in the play? “I will make thee swan a crow.” A pun
What literary device is used in the following quote? “Here’s much to do with hate but more with love.” Paradox
What literary device is being used in the following line? “It is the East, and Juliet is the sun.” metaphor
Which of the following is an example of dramatic irony? The audience’s knowledge that Romeo is now related to Tybalt
What is the period of English history named after its ruler from 1558 to 1603 called? Elizabethean
What is the name of the theater in which Shakespeare performed most of his plays? The Globe
Because of strict Elizabethan laws, who were the only people allowed to perform in plays? Men
Where would the poorest people sit to watch Shakespeare plays? The Floor
The people on the floor of Shakespeare’s plays were known for tossing a favorite snack at the clowns of Shakespeare’s plays. What nickname was given to this area of the theater? Peanut Gallery
How does Scout’s definition of “fine folks” differ from Aunt Alexandra’s? Scout felt it was determined by how a person acted, and Alexandra felt it was determined by how long a family had lived on the same land.
What was unusual about Dolphus Raymond? He was always drunk
Where did Scout and Jem sit at the trial? in the balcony
In what ways does Jem show that he is maturing? He tells on Dill
What was one thing that seemed unusual to Scout about First Purchase? They did not have hymn books
How did Scout break up the lynch mob? She talked to Mr. Cunningham
According to Bob Ewell Tom raped Mayella
How did most townspeople expect and want Atticus to defend Tom Robinson? They didn’t want him to put any effort into it
What part did Mr. Underwood play in the lynch mob He had Atticus covered with his gun
Why did Atticus have Bob Ewell sign his name? to see if he was right or left handed
Who came to stay at the Finch household during the trial “to help raise the kids”? Aunt Alexandra
Who was Mr. Heck Tate? the sheriff
Why did Dill run away from home? he was lonely for Scout and Jem
What was the name of Simon’s homestead? Finch’s Landing
How did Scout feel about the idea of beginning school? unhappy
Where did Scout finish her dinner after getting in trouble? in the kitchen
How did Scout and Jem’s mother die? Heart attack
What was the slushy operation in chapter 8? Snowman
What was Nathan Radley’s alterior motive for cementing the knot-hole? stop kids from coming into his yard
What scared the neighborhood in chapter 6? Gunshots
There was _________________ in the knot-hole of one of the oak trees in chapter 4. Gum
Why did Scout split her knuckle to the bone on Francis’s front teeth? For talking bad about her father
True or False, this is a true story. False
Who is Dolphus Raymond? a wealthy white man who preferred black people
Who is Rev. Sykes the preacher at Cal’s church
Who is Mr. Gilmer? the prosecutor
Who is Mr. Underwood? the newspaper editor
What did Mr. Raymond say about Atticus? He is not a “run-of-the-mill man”
What did Atticus mean when he said, ” this case is as simple as black and white? The case is not about evidence. It is about race.
What did Atticus say is the worst thing a person can do? cheat a black man
Mr. Raymond said that Dill would probably not cry when he got older. Dill tried to pretend that he did not cry when he said, “Cry about what, Mr. Raymond?” What was Mr. Raymond’s answer? “Cry about the simple [heck] that people give other people – without even thinking.
Where is the one place where everyone is equal according to Atticus? court
Why did Jem think that the Jury would find Tom not guilty? Atticus did a great job in presenting the evidence
Why did Calpurnia come to court? to tell Atticus that the children were missing
Jem and Rev. Sykes had a discussion about the trial while the jury was out. What did the reverend think the decision of the jury would be? He said that he had never seen a jury decide in favor of a black person over a white person
What did Scout see when the jury filed in? The jurors did not look at Tom and that meant he was found guilty.
Why were all the people in the balcony standing when Atticus walked out of the court. They appreciated Atticus for the way he defended Tom
What did Atticus think about the children being present at the trial. He said they may as well see it because it is their home, and they needed to learn to cope with it.
What did the black community do for Atticus? they brought food to his house
What did Miss Maudie say about Atticus? She said that when people are called to be Christians, they have men like Atticus to go and do it for them
What did Atticus say about Bob Ewell? He said that Bob was a victim of poverty
After the trial and the confrontation with Bob Ewell, Jem begins to understand what? He understands that Boo Radley stays inside because he doesn’t want to come out.
Who was giving a report to the Women’s Christian Missionary Society in Atticus’ living room? Aunt Alexandra
Who was the missionary being discussed in the meeting? J. Grimes Everett
Who made fun of Scout at the meeting? Miss Stephanie
Who supported Scout as the “Christian” ladies laughed at Scout’s expense? Miss Maudie
When Bob Ewell began harassing Helen Robinson, who threatened Bob Ewell that he would have him in jail if there were any more problems? Link Deas
Who saved the children from Bob Ewell when he tried to kill them? Boo Radley
At first, Atticus thought that the following person killed Bob Ewell Jem
Scout told Atticus that she thought that Sheriff Tate was right. When Atticus asked her what she meant, she said that It would be like shooting a mockingbird

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