English exam “King Lear”

What rumor does Curan share with Edmund There is division between Albany qnd Cornwall wgich should lead to war
Gloucester is very please with Edmunds loyalty. What does he promise him? He will make sure that Edmund inherits his wealth
How does Edmund convince Edgar to flee He gives Edgar a forged letter
Who wounds Edmund Edmund winds himself
With whom does Kent argue nd fight with out side Gloucester castle Oswald
Why is Kent placed in the stocks He was caught fighting
Who defends Kent and tried to dissuade Cornwall from using the stocks Gloucester
Kent reads a letter while he is in the stocks. Who wrote the letter Cordelia
What token does Kent send with his message to Cordelia to show that he is a friend A ring
What have Regan, Goneril, and Cornwall forbidden Gloucester to do Help Lear
Lear conducts a mock-trial. Who does he judge Regan Goneril Cordelia
At the end of act 3, Cornwall is injured, who wound him? Regan
What terrible relaxation does Gloucester have after he is blinded He has wronged his son Edgar
Who leads Gloucester to wherever he wants to go Kent
How does Gloucester plan to kill himself By throwing himself off a cliff
Why will the king of France not lead his troops into battle Had to return home on urgent business
What’s on Lear’s head A crown of nettles, thorns, weeds and flowers
What does Lear need to get better Rest
What’s Cordelia reason for going to war with her sister Her love for her father
Why does Regan want Gloucester died? He continues to help Lear after she said not too
Why does onward try to kill Gloucester Regan promises a promotion to whoever kills hom
At the start of act 5 what does Edgar give Albany Goneril letter
What news is brought to Gloucester as he is resting by a tree Lear and Cordelia have lost the battle and been captured
Of what crime does Albany accuse Edmund Treason
Why does Albany call for the trumpets to be sound Trumpets are usually blown to indicate victory
How does Gloucester die His heart burst with emotions
How does Regan die She is poisoned
How does Goneril die She kills herself
How does Cordelia die She is hanged
Who is Caius It was the name used by Kent when he was disguised
Why does Kent refuse to accept his offer He is expected to die soon