English Beowulf ( the wrath of Grendel)

Hrothgar is? Setting? king of Danes; Denmark
why is Grendel angry at Hrothgar & his men in the mead-hall? singing songs about God
How is Grendel’s life “hell on earth” because he cant make it to heaven . ( wasn’t made like everyone else)
How were Grendel & the all the rest evil ( spirits, monsters, orges, etc.) conceived? why is that important? Cane kills Able which provided his evil
Mead-hall name? Herot
How many men did Grendel “snatch up” and kill on first night? 30
How did Hrothgar feel after his died? What does emphasize? feels “joyless”; that he is upset ( comitatus)
Why does Grendel disappear at daybreak? because the light/day time is gods time. Grendel has to go away, back to where he lives
How many years did Grendel terrorize the Danes? 12
what was the only way avoid Grendel’s clutches in the future? What des this mean for Hrothgar’s people? people had to move out of there homes.
How did other people hear the story of the horrible Grendel? This is proof of…. people. scopes, people who sang poems about hero’s
why couldn’t Grendel touch Hrothgar’s throne? the throne was blessed by God
Because the Danes were terrorized for so long, what “ways” did they turn to? Did it work? Christianity/ prayed, they would pray to the old stone God. Then went to Pagan; did not work
Ending in lines 98-103: what typeof religious reference is this? Note: can this be interpolation(monks): Christianity; yes it can because its is at the end
what is the timeless theme that is apparent so far in this epic good vs. evil

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