English beowulf

who is hrothgar king of danes
who is herot mead hall
describe grendel using 4 specific details from the text monster, smart , strong, cannible
what irritates grendel and becomes his motive for attacking herot music and them being happy
give a detail of grendels attack attacks at night
what happens to herot remains closed/ empty for 10-12 years
who is beowulf hero of the story, worrior
what country does beowulf come from beatland
who is Higlac, and how is beowulf related to him hes the king of gears and his uncle
what does beowulf decide to do take an orendal
why did beowulfs kingsman urge him to go thought it was the right thing
how did beowulf hear about the wrath of grendel from sailors and song
what are the accomplishments beowulf states hes done fights giants and fights monsters
what request does beowulf make of hrothgar dont help him
why wouldnt the danes have to sew shrouds for the geats if grendel triumphs hed be all the way eating- nothing left
when does grendal arrive at herot at night
from where does grendel come his swamp
what surprises grendel when he comes in contact with beowulf he fights back, hes strong
why could the mens swords not harm grendel they were spelled
how does beowulf kill grendel rips his arm off
what does beowulf do after grendel escapes parties and keeps the arm
give 2 descriptions of grendel in this section hes a coward and hes scared
list 4 very specific details of herot found in this section sturdy, iron, ivory, wood(could not withstand fire)
describe grendels lair dark, underwater
what is grendels mothers motivation for going to herot she wants revenge
after celebrating beowulfs victory, what occurs at herot they go to eat drink and sleep
name 2 things grendels mother carried back to her lair from e herot grendals arm
what do the danes entreat beowulf to do, what would be his reward kill grendels mom
where does beowulf find grendels mother bottom of the lake
what protects him from her claws maleshirt, arms
what was beowulfs motivation in accomplishing this deed fame
what happens to beowulfs helmet she bites holes in it
how does beowulf kill grendalls mother sliced her head off with a big sword
after beowulf kills her, what does he do before leaving the lair he gets grendels head
what do the danes who are observung at the lake do leave bic, they assume that hes dead
what do the geats do stay there
what is beowulf future when he returns to geatland king for five years
what was beowulfs last enemy to fight a dragon

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