English Background Quiz

When and where do scholars believe the Beowulf text was written? What are some clues scholars have used to explain why they feel it was written during this time period? In England in 6th or 7th century A.D.The story itself links to historical artifacts linked to this period
The narrator discusses the decline of “paganism” and the rise of Christianity. Why was this shift significant? The story has pagan originsHowever, Christianity adapted the legend of Beowulf and restructured the story to uphold Christian themes / beliefs.
Why do you think King Hrothgar called upon Beowulf to help slay Grendel? Why do you think Beowulf is willing to accept this challenge? King Hrothgar wants to protect his people; however, as king, he himself cannot risk death. Beowulf is an established warrior – he’s prone to succeed.Beowulf, like a Germanic warrior, seeks glory and honor.
During Beowulf’s era, what were some of the funeral procedures for warriors? The deceased would be sent out to sea in a ship and the ship would be burned.
How do the artifacts at Sutton Hoo possibly shed light on the Beowulf epic? A ship and other artifacts found in 1939 resemble teachings described in Beowulf.
Archeologists have uncovered a structure that seems very similar like the hall known as Heorot in Beowulf. What was the importance of these halls? The large hall is probably intended for a respected king,Halls would be a sign of civilization – halls represent community and coming together.
How does Grendel’s mother attempt to seek revenge for the loss of her son? What do you think is the importance of this section of the epic in comparison with the first section? She enters the halls and slays those who hurt her son.This demonstrates Beowulf’s courage and valor – we see him taking action.
This program discusses the importance of dragons in mythology. What have dragons traditionally represented in literature? Satan / evil
How did the rise of Christianity influence the Beowulf epic, according to the scholars in this program? It represents the time when paganism was dying and Christianity was rising.
Why is Beowulf still considered a classic of British (English) literature? We can relate to the themes in the book to today.
Originally an untitled oral poem Beowulf
Authored between years…? 700 and 750 AD
Poet was likely ___________ but creates characters with _________ traditions and values Christian; Pagan
Two Germanic Tribes Danes and Geats
Beowulf is a ___________ warrior who saves the Danes. Geatan
Beowulf was composed in the tradition of _____________ Germanic oral poetry
In a pre-literate society, this oral tradition comprised both the _________ and _________ of the people. literature; history
Oral poetry was usually performed by a ______, or _______ bard; scop
Epic poetry generally deals with a ___________ serious subject
Epics often includes a battle between ____________ forces, cataloguing of weaponry, and _____________________. good and evil; supernatural intervention
Beowulf fights the terrible monster _________ Grendel
lines long 3000
written in… old English
A pause that was generally inserted in the middle of every line. Caesura
compound words that provide a vivid, often symbolic understanding of the noun they replace. kennings
Hrothgar is referred to as the ___________ indicating both his role as king and his obligation to reward those who serve him and that he is indeed a generous ruler who always fulfills this obligation. “ring-giver”
Using ____________ when referring to characters is an important part of the Germanic oral tradition kinship relations
An epic is a long ______________ in elevated style presenting characters of high position in adventures forming an organic whole through their relation to a central heroic figure and through their development of episodes important to the history of a nation or race. narrative poem
According to one theory, the first epics took shape from the scattered works of various unknown poets, and through gradual ________ these episodes were molded into a sequence. accreation
Epics with unknown authors are called ____________, whether one believes in a folk or a single-authorship theory of origins. Folk Epics
It is a warrior’s— or ______________—most important task to remain loyal to his lord and serve him without reservation. thane
functions as a sign of mutual obligation: if a warrior performs a valuable service for his lord, he is richly rewarded with valuables and treasure. treasure
The only way to end the cycle of violence is through the payment of __________________ – the giving of treasure to end the feud between warring parties. “blood gold”
Three main tribes- ________________-were known as the main invaders of the ____________ which were ruled by _________. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes; British Isles; Rome
The three tribes were ___________ peoples. Germanic
the Anglo-Saxon period lasted almost _______ years. 600
Britons were first converted to Christianity by the __________. Romans
Christianity diminished with the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, for the Anglo-Saxons were ____________. Pagans
They worshiped gods and goddesses of the __________ world. natural
In 597 A.D., ____________ converted the King of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity. St. Augustine
The language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons (known as Old English) dominated until the ___________ in 1066. Norman Conquest
Old English dates back to ________ 449 A.D.
Influenced by the Germanic tribes, of course, but also _____________________(Old Scandinavian). Latin, Celtic, and Danish
Nouns could be of 3 genders: _______________. masculine, feminine, neuter
Infinitives ended in -______ an
Past tense added -__ or had an internal vowel change. de

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