English act 2 Romeo and Juliet

After reading the prologue to act 2, what stands out to you the most? Why? What do you think the purpose of this prologue is? Explains that romeo and juliet will fall in love and die instead of just only being star crossed lovers
What is meant by saying “love is blind”? How is it similar/ different to love at first sight? You can’t see the other persons flaws and only see the beauty, where as love at first sight is based on looks and beauty on the outside
When Juliet appears on her balcony, what does Romeo compare her to? How is this comparison symbolic? the sun, Romeo sees Juliet as a bright, bold, strong, hot woman who can brighten your day and lighten your mood
What does Juliet mean when she says “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”? What is she referring to? Despite Juliet’s attitude, how powerful are names to Romeo and Juliet? Romeo is the same person and a name doesn’t matter
Do you think Romeo is sincere in his devotion to Juliet? Why or why not? no, he moves on very quickly and if Rosaline would have given him the time of day, he would still be fixated on her.
Romeo is quick with vows and promises, but why is Juliet fearful and cautious? It’s too sudden and she’s afraid that he won’t keep his promise
What might have prompted Juliet to talk about marriage upon her return to the balcony? The nurse may have convinced her, reminder that her brother wants her to marry Paris
Why is parting “sweet” to Juliet? Is she really enjoying this prolonged farewell? no she is not, parting is sweet because the next time they meet they are going to get married even though she is nervous about what Romeo is doing
What has Friar Lawrence been gathering in his basket? He discusses a specific herb, what is it capable of? How is the herb a metaphor for the main character in the play? Flowers, this flower is used as poison or death or also healing, Juliet’s potion was good and romeos was bad
How does this speech about the dangers of the herbs foreshadow the end of the play? How will his knowledge become crucial to the end of the plot? be careful because Romeo and Juliet take their love too far, some herbs are good if used correctly and some are bad
“Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied, / And vice sometime by action dignified”? What does this mean Good can turn bad when misused, evil can be made right by good actions
What does friar Lawrence mean when he says to Romeo, ” young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes”? He is telling Romeo that young men base love on looks, not on character. Loves her for her looks, love mean don’t love they lust
Why does friar Lawrence agree to perform this risky wedding? Do you think this is wise of the friar? Why or why not? Think good will come from it, and this will end the family feud
Romeo and his friends hangout in the streets of Verona and make fun with each other while Juliet is at home and send her nurse to conduct her affairs. What can we assume about the social structures of this time because of this? There was prejudice against women (misogynistic), tell her to hide her face because a man is more attractive, make sexual comments
How is Juliet planning on meeting with Romeo? Then what will Romeo use the rope ladder for? tells her parents she’s going to confession with friar Lawrence
The nurse is supposed to be gone only a half hour, but she is actually gone for how long? 3 hours
Describe how Juliet sees “old folks”? Is this a fair assessment of how teenagers view older generations? Slow, weak, frail, very annoyed with nurse because she’s complaining about how awful she feels and Juliet thinks she’s overreacting
What violent images does the friar use to compare Romeo and Juliet’s love and marriage? -Fire and gunpowder-Their love is ultimately destructive and destroys them.- both are eventually destroyed
What warning does friar Lawrence give about passionate love? What fear does he express for their future? Their love may not last forever, death. It’s destructive. Love moderately and go slow.
Cleverness; slyness cunning
Get; obtain procure
worthless, cheap, low vile
Having domination influence over others Predominant
The act of pleading on behalf of another intercession
Of a sickly, pale-yellowish complexion sallow
One who changes or is unsteady waverer
Distressing; sad lamentable
awkward; clumsy unwieldy
10 syllables per line, every 2nd is stressed Pentameter
Soliloquy song/ poem one person on stage, long speech, expresses thoughts and feelings, only the audience hears it
Aside to another character or audience, short, little information given

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