English A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 3 Scene 2

Oberon is curious about what? If Titania woke up and fell in love with a beast
What does Puck report? He turned Bottom into a donkey. Then Titania fell in love with Bottom
According to Puck, how did the others react to Bottom? They were frightened and ran away
How does Oberon feel about Puck’s report? What does he ask Puck next? Oberon feels so happy, that he couldn’t do the job better himself. He asks if he put the spell on the Athenian.
When Hermia and Demetrius come in, Puck realizes…? That he put the spell on the wrong Athenian
Hermia thinks Demetrius has done what to Lysander? Why does she think something happened to him? She accuses Demetrius of murdering Lysander because he is nowhere to be found
Explain Demetrius’ play on the word “murder”. Hermia accuses Demetrius of killing her love but she crushes his heart every time she rejects him
What does Demetrius say about murdering Lysander? That he didn’t kill him and last time he checked, he’s alive
Oberon realizes…? And why is he mad at Puck? He realizes that Demetrius never got the spell put on him and is mad at Puck for messing up.
What happens to Demetrius while he sleeps? Oberon puts the spell on him
What immortal line does Puck say about people in love? “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” This means that when people are stupid when in love
Oberon orders Puck to do what? What will he do while Puck is gone? Put the spell on Demetrius
Who does Puck bring back? Helena but Lysander follows them
Why would Puck be happy if Demetrius fell in love with Helena? Lysander and Helena fighting will wake Demetrius. He’ll see Helena and fall in love, thus everything going as planned
What does Helena think of Lysander’s love for her? That he is playing a joke
Helena thinks Lysander and Demetrius are doing what to her? Trying to make her look like an idiot
Lysander and Demetrius fight about whom and what? Demetrius and Lysander both fight for Helena. Both argue that they love Hermia and not Helena
What does Hermia ask Lysander and what is his reponse? Why he left; He had no reason to stay
What does Helena think of Hermia now, after their long friendship? That Hermia is a backstabber for planning the “joke”
How does Hermia respond? She is confused and thinks that Helena is insulting her instead of the other way around
Helena thinks…?Hermia thinks…?Lysander and Demetrius both declare? What are they going to do? – Hermia planned a joke on Hermia- Helena stole Lysander from her- Helena’s love by dueling
How does Lysander respond to Hermia? He hates her
How does Hermia attack Helena? Why How does Helena attack Hermia? Calls Helena a “thief of love” for stealing Lysander’s love; Calls Hermia “a puppet”, a backstabber
Oberon accuses Puck of doing what? Purposely putting the potion on the wrong Athenian since Puck likes to cause trouble
Puck defends himself by saying…? Oberon vaguely described who to put the potion on
What does Oberon order Puck to do? How will they fix everything? Make the sky dark and cloudy, imitate Demetrius and Lysander’s voices and insult them. They will run after each other but will never catch each other. They will be so tired they’ll fall asleep.
Why can’t Lysander and Demetrius fight? What does Puck do to them? Puck is leading them away from each other. When they sleep, he makes sure that the two girls are asleep next to their destined ones .
The four lovers all do what? Hermia and Lysander sleep together and Helena and Demetrius sleep together.
What does Puck do to Lysander? Break the love spell on Lysander.