English 9- Romeo and Juliet Vocab Weeks 5-8 (SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS ONLY)

Baleful Synoym Menacing; sinister, destructive
Baleful Antonym Benevolent; harmless; good
Wanton Synonym Filthy; vulgar; crude
Wanton Antonym Moral; pure; chaste
Virtuous Synonym Righteous; good; pure
Virtuous Antonym Dishonorable; bad; immoral
Forsake Synonym Abandon, desert, leave
Forsake Antonym Reclaim
Air Synonym Utter; express; emit
Profane Synonym Blasphemous; ungodly; sacrilegious
Profane Antonym Religious; sacred
Disparage Synonym Defame; slander; disgrace
Disparage Antonym Compliment; recommend; praise
Utter Synonym Air; express; emit
Accord Synonym Agreement; harmony; unity
Accord Antonym Disagreement; disharmony; disunity
Portent Synonym Omen; foreshadowing; foreboding
Entreaty Synonym Petition; plea; request
Covert Synonym Secret; hidden; secluded
Covert Antonym Public, exposed; conspicuous
Partisan Synonym Zealot; loyalist; devotee
Partisan Antonym Traitor; renegade; turncoat
Chide Synonym Scold; reprimand; rebuke
Chide Antonym Applaud; praise; salute
Rancor Synonym Hatred; hostility; malice
Rancor Antonym Kindness; benevolence; love
Galling Synonym Irritating; distasteful; annoying
Galling Antonym Comforting; soothing; pleasing
Intercede Synonym Intervene; mediate; negotiate
Pernicious Synonym Harmful; destructive; injurious
Pernicious Antonym Safe; harmless; beneficial
Idolatry Synonym Devotion; adoration; reverence
Idolatry Antonym Contempt; scorn; detestation
Repose Synonym Sleep; rest; relaxation