[ENGLISH] {6} Master Quizlet Set | A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Tom Sawyer, Clauses, Poetic Devices [OLD]

___ cannot suspend his disbelief in Act V. Theseus
___ is NOT played in the Mechanical’s play. Tree
Puck warns Oberon that daylight is coming by saying that the ___ is singing. morning lark
Since the Mechanicals say that the moon might not be out, they consult an ___, then decide that one of the Mechanicals should play Moonshine instead. almanac
This character changes Bottom’s appearance. Puck
Robin Goodfellow is the real name of ___. Puck
This is the reason why Oberon and Titania were fighting. the changeling
Egeus, in Act I, complains about ___ and ___. Hermia and Lysander
Hermia loves ___, and ends up marrying him. Lysandre
Iambs are a type of ___, but ___s aren’t a type of iamb. foot
There are ___ iambs in one iambic pentameter. five
Demetrius gets married to ___. Helena
___ gets married to Helena. Demetrius
___ loves Lysandre, and ends up marrying him. Hermia
“When I, a bean-fed ___ beguile…” (Puck) horse
“I jest to ___, and make him laugh…” (Puck) Oberon
Oberon and ___ are the King and Queen of the Fairies. Titania
___ and Titania are the King and Queen of the Fairies. Oberon
From the passage where Puck encounters a wild fairy and he explains who he is, we know that he can ___. shape-shift
Titania loved (while under the effects of the love potion)… Bottom
Titania loves… Oberon
Demetrius wanted to marry… Hermia
Demetrius liked (while under the effects of the love potion)… Helena
Demetrius married… Helena
Lysander wanted to marry… Hermia
Lysander liked (when under the effects of the love potion)… Helena
Lysander married… Hermia
Happy Characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy.
Bouncy Marked by lively action; spirited.
Lighthearted Without anxiety or worry; carefree.
Playful Full of fun and mischievousness.
Dignified Characterized by dignity of manner; stately; proper.
Formal Methodical, precise, or stiff.
Majestic Displaying great nobility or dignity.
Reserved Marked by modesty and self-restraint
Compassionate Having or showing compassion; pitying, sympathetic.
Romantic Inclined toward a display of love or loving emotion.
Sentimental Tending to indulge romantic emotions excessively.
Tender Expressing warm and affectionate feelings.
Honest Characterized by sincerity; not false or misleading.
Informative Serving to instruct, enlighten or inform; providing or conveying information.
Matter-of-Fact Not fanciful or imaginative; concerned with practical matters.
Nostalgic Yearning for the happiness felt in another place, time, or situation.
Funny Causing amusement or laughter; humorous.
Hilarious Marked by or causing boisterous merriment or laughter.
Jocular Full of jokes, puns, or humorous word-play.
Satirical Exposing human folly to ridicule; poking fun.
Ambivalent Uncertain or unable to decide what course to follow.
Awestruck Having or showing a feeling of reverence and respect mixed with wonder or dread.
Cryptic Having or seeming to have a secret or hidden meaning.
Detached Showing a lack of emotional involvement or care.
Sad Experiencing or showing unhappiness.
Bittersweet Tinged with a bit of sadness.
Crestfallen Brought low in spirit; deflated.
Melancholy Characterized by great sadness; grave or gloomy in character.
Indignant Angry at an injustice (either real or perceived) or something morally wrong.
Irreverent Showing a lack of respect, often for things considered sacred or holy; rude or discourteous.
Jaded Dulled or worn out by overuse or overindulgence.
Vexed Irritated or annoyed; puzzled or intellectually disturbed.
Angry Feeling or expressing annoyance, resentment, or rage.
Cynical Distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; bitter or sneering toward others.
Hostile Antagonistic; unfriendly; of or relating to an enemy.
Seething In a state of extreme yet unexpressed agitation.
Forceful Full of force; powerful; strong.
Arrogant Having an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance; overbearingly proud.
Imploring As if begging urgently or piteously for aid or mercy.
Reproachful Marked by mild criticism or rebuke.
Anxious Full of uneasiness due to fear; greatly worried.
Cautionary Serving a warning; admonishing.
Ominous Portending evil or harm; foreboding; threatening.
Tense In a state of mental or nervous strain; high-strung; taut.
Aggressive Boldly assertive; pushy.
Critical Finding fault or judging with severity, often too readily.
Disdainful Showing arrogant superiority toward those believed to be inferior.
Pessimistic Expecting the worst and seeing the worst in all things.
Dark Focused upon things that are gloomy or depressing
Ghoulish Showing fascination with or focused upon death; morbid.
Grim Depressingly dark.
Sinister Evil or treacherous, especially in a mysterious way.
Evasive Deliberately vague or ambiguous.
Frank Marked by honest directness and a lack of subtlety.
Jingoistic Fanatically, and sometimes falsely, patriotic.
Mercurial Marked by sudden and unpredictable changes.
Militant Having a fighting disposition; unwavering; stubborn.
Mystical Relating to things or ideas magical or supernatural.
Patronizing Marked by sarcastic condescension.
Poetic Characterized by figures of speech or romantic language.
Adverb Clause Opener Because Timothy died, his mother started crying.
Adverb Clause S-V Split His mother, because Timothy died, started crying.
Adverb Clause Closer His mother started crying because Timothy died.
Adjective Clause S-V Split Johnny, who is a pirate, raided the opponent ship.
Adjective Clause Closer Johnny raided the opponent ship, which was filled with gold.
Prepositions aboard, about, above, across, after, against, along,around, as, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, besides, between, beyond, by, down, during, following, from, in, inside, into, near, off, on, onto, opposite, outside, over, through, to, toward, towards, under, underneath, upon, with, within, without
Name the Mechanicals. Bottom, Peter Quince, Flute, Snout, Snug, Starveling
Oberon King of the Fairies
Titania Queen of the Fairies
Name the four fairies that attended to Bottom. Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Mustardseed, and Moth
Philostrate Master of the Revels
Who played Thisbe? Flute
Who played Pyramus? Bottom
Who recited the Prologue? Peter Quince
Tom Sawyer’s best friend Joe Harper
Tom Sawyer’s on-and-off relationship Becky Thatcher
Becky’s dad’s job Judge
Who does Egeus want Hermia to marry? Demetrius
Does Hermia marry Demetrius? No, she marries Lysander
Hippolyta’s royal position Queen of the Amazons
Theseus’ royal position Duke of Athens
What does shadows mean? Ex. “If we shadows have offended…” Actors
What is the poetic device used in this line? “The sea is a hungry dog…” Personification
What is the poetic device used in this line? “And when the night wind roars…” Personification
Onomatopoeias Woof! Bang! Clash! Bam! Pow!
In Chapter 2, Tom tricks all of the boys in town into doing something for him. What does he trick them into, and how does he do it? He tricks them into whitewashing the fence by telling them it’s fun to do work.
The mechanicals discuss ___ when meeting in Act 1. the content of the play and make plans to rehearse.
What is Farce Comedy? Comedy sometimes used in satire to create chaos and has misdirection, misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
What is a protagonist? The good guy of the book.
What is an antagonist? The bad guy of the book.
An antagonist of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is… Puck (for messing up relationships)
A protagonist of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is… Theseus
Scansion The way to mark iambic pentameter, or any other rhythmic patterns
Suspension of Disbelief The audience suspends their disbelief into believing something is actually true during plays.
Person who died during Tom Sawyer Injun Joe
Main antagonist of Tom Sawyer Injun Joe
Tom Sawyer’s aunt Aunt Polly
Tom’s half brother Sid Sawyer
Tom’s “saintly” cousin Mary
Tom’s friend; bad example for him; smokes Huckleberry “Huck” Finn
What did Tom feed his cat one time? Pain killer
Tom trades his tickets in for this. Bible
The two things a character needs to do to be classified a Christ Figure Sacrifice something and save someone
What is meta-theater? A play inside a play
Injun Joe dies from… starvation
Injun Joe kills… Dr. Robinson
Injun Joe frames… Muff Potter
Tom and Huck take a blood oath saying that… they cannot reveal any information about the killing.