English 4B Unit 6

The creature’s creator. 1. Despite what is depicted in popular culture, Frankenstein is the name of
A scientist kneeling beside his creation 2. What did Mary Shelley see in the waking dream that inspired Frankenstein?
That nerve impulses have an electrical basis. 3. The Italian physician Luigi Galvani demonstrated
He asks where the ship is headed. 4. In Frankenstein, what does the stranger ask Robert Walton before boarding the ship?
Practical 5. Which of the following is a synonym for prudent?
A typical teenager 1. In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein may be a brilliant scientist who created one of the mostinfamous creatures in literature, but in many ways he is also
Expression 2. What was perhaps “everything” to the Romantics?
Speed reading 3. Which of the following is NOT a comprehension strategy?
The death of his mother 4. In Frankenstein, what event delays Victor’s departure for Ingolstadt?
Affability Complete the sentence with the appropriate vocabulary word.5. The way in which he warmly welcomed even new acquaintances into his home was evidenceof his
Henry 1. In Frankenstein, who cares for Victor when he is stricken with a fever for several months?
Predict 2. To prognosticate means to
Elizabeth 3. In Frankenstein, who attempts to take responsibility for William’s death?
Victor Frankenstein. 4. The Greek mythological figure Prometheus is one of Shelley’s inspirations for
Remorseful 1. In Frankenstein, Victor changes from an optimistic, eager young man to one who is anxiousand
first person point of viewflashback(both) 2. Frankenstein is told using
Letters 3. An epistolary novel always uses _______ to tell the story
Anatomy 4. An example of “natural philosophy,” or the physical sciences, is
Tireless 5. Courageous is to fearless as indefatigable is to
Victor is afraid that it would lead to Robert’s destruction and misery 6. In Frankenstein, why doesn’t Victor share with Robert what he discovered?
Pride 7. In Frankenstein, when Victor sees the creature, he expresses all of the following EXCEPT
Is walking during a storm and lightning flashes 8. In Frankenstein, after two years, Victor again sees the creature when he
Elizabeth 9. In Frankenstein, who is the speaker of the following quote: “I wish that I were to die with you;I cannot live in this world of misery?”
He is shot. 1. In Frankenstein, how is the creature injured after saving the girl who falls in the river?
Mature 2. Which of the following is an antonym for puerile?
God 3. In Frankenstein, with which figure from Paradise Lost does the creature NOT compare himself?
Tormented 1. In Frankenstein, which of the following words could be used to describe Victor?
Ice 2. A glacier is a large body of
A ship 3. In Frankenstein, the creature discovers all of the following EXCEPT
Water 4. In Frankenstein, the creature is terrified when he sees his reflection in
He can survive more easily in extreme heat and cold. 5. In Frankenstein, what is one way the creature is different from man?
His own safety and return to Turkey. 6. In Frankenstein, although the Turk seemed grateful to Felix for helping him, he was really justconcerned with
“Hateful day when I received life!” 7. In Frankenstein, after reading Victor’s journal, the creature exclaimed:
He can befriend William and have a companion. 8. In Frankenstein, the creature wants to kidnap William so that
Horror, hatred, and compassion. 9. In Frankenstein, as Victor listens to the creature’s story, he feels a mix of
Victor thought the creature should have some happiness.Victor was afraid of what the creature would do in revenge.Both a and b 10. In Frankenstein, Victor agrees to make a female companion for the creature because
The creature is in the cabin. 1. In Frankenstein, what does Walton discover when he enters Frankenstein’s cabin after Frankenstein has died?
Ruin 2. Which of the following is a synonym for degradation?
Victor is emotionally barren and isolated. 3. In Frankenstein, the setting in which Frankenstein pursues the creature is fitting because

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