English 4 Test Macbeth

William Shakespeare Most influential author in the English language and he’s known as “the Bard”
The alternate name of Macbeth The Scottish Play
Tragedy A narrative which presents a figure who comes to ruin due to a weakness or flaw
Tragic hero The main character in a tragedy who has a a high position and destroyed by a weakness or flaw
Antagonist A force which opposes the main character
Dramatic irony When the audience knows more than a character knows
Comic relief A humorous scene used to lighten the mood
Foreshadowing Hints or clues which suggest future events in the narrative
What predictions do the witches make? (Act I) Macbeth will be the Thegn of Cawdor and king. Banquo’s descendants will be kings
What do Macbeth and his wife plan to do to make the witches’ predictions come true? (Act I) Kill King Duncan
Who do Macbeth and his wife frame for Duncan’s murder? (Act II) By framing the guards and killing them before they could defend themselves
Why do Duncan’s sons flee after their father’s death, and how does this play into Macbeth’s hands? (Act II) They fear they will be suspected for the murder and it allows Macbeth to take the throne
What character is inserted into the play for comic relief, and what does he reveal about the play? (Act II) The Porter and he jokingly states that he is the devil letting people into hell. Castle like hell.
Whom does Macbeth command the two criminals to kill? (Act III) Banquo and Fleance
Why does Macbeth behave so strangely at the banquet? (Act III) He believes that he sees Banquo’s ghost
Why does Macbeth fear Banquo? (Act III) Banquo knew of the witches’ prophecies, but he was loyal and did not act on them
What warnings does Macbeth receive from the witches and their ritual? (Act IV) Beware Macduff. He can only be killed by someone not natural born of a woman. He will be vanquished when Birnham woods comes to his castle.
Who does Macbeth have killed? (Act IV) Macduff’s entire household
What does Lady Macbeth imagine is on her hands as she sleepwalks, and what does it represent? (Act V) Blood and it represents her guilt
What does Macbeth compare life to? (Act V) “A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
How do the warnings from Act IV come to pass? (Act V) Macduff comes to kill him. He was not birthed naturally so he could kill Macbeth. Malcolm’s army used shrubs from the woods to camo themselves to make their move towards the castle.
What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw? Ambition
How does the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth change throughout the play? At first it’s Lady Macbeth pushing him to murder the king and take the throne. After that, Macbeth is the one choosing to kill people he sees as threats, spite her warnings.