English 4 Frankenstein Test Review

Where did Victor attend college? Ingolstadt
Where was the DeLacey’s cottage located? Germany
Who was the daughter of Beaufort and married Alphonse Frankenstein? Caroline
Who tells Victor his studies of ancient alchemists is a waste of time? Krempe
Who was the first person killed by the monster? William
Where does the monster hide the locket? In Justine’s dress
How many people die in the novel? 7
Where is Victor when he first encounters the monster? Chaminoux
Who is the author of the letters? Robert Walton
Why does Safie come to the DeLacy’s cottage? She disagrees with Islam
Where does Victor go to create the monster’s female counterpart? Orkney
How does the monster help the DeLacy’s? Chops firewood for them
Where is Victor when he awakens on the boat? Ireland
What is an important symbol in the novel? Fire
The recurring link between the weather and the mood of the story makes it a _____. Motif
What does Victor warn the man on the boat about before he begins to tell him his tale? The danger of ambition
Frankenstein was the product of Mary Shelley’s _____. Dream
How many children did Mary Shelley have? 4
Which is NOT a theme in the novel? Greed
What genre does Frankenstein fall into? Romanticism
Frankenstein is also an example of _____. ?
This character was going to join the military. Felix
This character fainted at the sight of the monster. Agatha
Who is the beautiful Arabian? Safie
Who wrote to Victor about William’s death? Alphonse
Who confessed a lie? Justine
Who did the monster choose not to tear limb from limb (besides Victor)? Ernest
T/F: The monster learns to speak from watching the DeLacy’s. True
T/F: After the deaths of William and Justine, Victor considers suicide. False
T/F: Walton develops great affection for Victor. True
T/F: Frankenstein’s childhood was idyllic. True
T/F: One of Walton’s concerns is that he does not have a friend. True
T/F: As a teenager, Victor found the effects of lightning fascinating. True
T/F: Safie’s father planned to give Felix her hand in marriage until he found out he was poor. False
T/F: Victor finds a friend and mentor in Waldman. True
T/F: Victor refers to the monster as “thy fallen angel.” False
Victor’s purpose in travelling to Scotland is to _____. Create a female monster
What happens to the monster after he saves the little girl? He is shot
Why doesn’t Victor protect Elizabeth from the monster the night after their wedding? He thinks the monster is only after him
What does Walton do after Victor dies? Returns to England
When does Victor try to tell the authorities about the monster? After Elizabeth’s death
Why does the monster think the DeLacy’s are unhappy? Poverty
What do Alphonse and Elizabeth assume is the source of Victor’s unhappiness? Lack of desire to marry Elizabeth
The reader knows the monster will die because ______. He speaks of ascending into fire
The deterioration of Victor’s health symbolizes ______. His guilt
Who said “The die is cast; I have consented to return if we are not destroyed”? Walton
Why is the monster nameless? It reflects his lack of identity
What books beside Paradise Lost does Victor find? Lives and The Sorrows of Werter
Chapter 6 opens with a letter from who? Elizabeth
Who does Frankenstein introduce to his professors? Henry Clerval
What happens to Victor when he sees the lab equipment? He freaks out
“I became the same happy creature who… A serene sky and verdant fields filled me with ecstasy. The present season was divine; the flowers of spring bloomed in the hedges… I was undisturbed by thoughts which during the preceding year had pressed upon me.” What is this quote an example of? Pathetic fallacy
What shocking news does Victor’s father reveal in his letter? William’s death
What was on the victim’s neck who was murdered? Wounds/scratches/hickey
What did Frankenstein see by a tree as he was returning home? The creature
When Victor returns home, he reflects and realizes that it has been _____ years since he has abandoned his creation in his apartment when it came to life. 6
Who was accused of committing William’s murder? Justine
Who testifies in the trial to help the accused person of murder? Elizabeth
Who says: “Do you think… That I do not suffer also? No one could live a child more…”? Justine
When Victor first sees his creation, what does he call him? Devil
Who is the “fallen angel”? The monster
We can assume that Chapter 11 will be in the voice of who? The monster
Why would Mary Shelley write about weak female characters? To reflect the lack of feminist support at the time
Who is the speaker in Chapter 1? Victor
Who was Caroline Beaufort’s father? Alphonse Frankenstein’s friend
What is Victor’s mother’s name? Caroline
What is Victor’s father’s name? Alphonse
What makes Victor’s parents family settle in Geneva? ?
Who is Henry Clerval? Victor’s friend
Based on what we know about Mary Shelley’s personal life, the death of Caroline Beaufort most likely reflects whom in her real life? Mary Shelley’s own mother because she died when Mary was very young
The writer who makes the biggest impact on VIctor when he is 13-15 is: Agrippa
Who first has Scarlet Fever? ?
While at the university, Victor finds a “true friend.” What is his name? Henry Clerval
In the beginning of Chapter 4, _____ years have passed and Victor has paid no visit to Geneva. 2
What is the name of the professor who did not support Victor in his quest for forbidden knowledge? Krempe
What does Victor collect from the slaughter houses? Corpses
When the monster fist comes to life where does Victor go? He runs away
What does Victor think of the monster’s appearance? He is disgusted
What does Victor become sick with? Stress/anxiety/fever
Who takes care of Victor while he is sick? Henry Clerval
Victor Frankenstein Creator of the monster, studies in ingolstadt, protagonist of the story
The monster The grotesque and intelligent monster that Victor creates, feels abandoned, seeks revenge against Frankenstein
Robert Walton The Arctic seafarer whose letters begin and end the book Frankenstein, He finds Victor in the ice and nurses him back to health while hearing his story
Alphonse Frankenstein Father of Victor, supports Victor and is sympathetic, reminds Victor that family is important
Elizabeth Lavenza A young girl (at the time) who is adopted by Victor’s family as a plan for her to marry Victor, marries Victor near the end but is killed by the monster on their wedding night
Henry Clerval Victor’s friend, nurses him back to health in Ingolstadt, follows Victor in his path in science, eventually killed by the monster
William Frankenstein Victor’s youngest brother, strangled by the monster in the woods outside of Geneva
Earnest Frankenstein Victor’s brother
Justine Moritz Servant adopted into the Frankenstein family, accused of murdering William and executed
Caroline Beaufort The daughter of the Beaufort’s, Taken in by and marries Alphonse Frankenstein, Victor’s mother, dies of Scarlet Fever
Beaufort A merchant and friend of Alphonse Frankenstein, the father of Caroline Beaufort
DeLacy A blind old man who fathers Agatha (a young girl), Felix (Agatha’s older brother), and Safie (Felix’s wife); they are foreign and the monster learns to speak from his lessons with Safie
M. Waldman Victor’s Chemistry professor, sparks Victor’s interest in the origin of life
M. Krempe Victor’s professor of Natural Philosophy, dismisses Victor’s study of alchemy as foolish
Mr. Kirwin Ireland magistrate who accuses Victor of Henry’s murder

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