English 4 Final: Macbeth

Macbeth had him killed because he suspected Macbeth killed Duncan. Banquo
The witches show Macbeth a bloody ___. Child
Double, double toil and ___. Trouble
It is a tale/Told by and idiot, full of sound and fury,/Signifying ___. Nothing
Nothing is his life/Became him like the ___ it. Leaving
One thing drinking provokes. Sleep
Macbeth to Duncan Cousin
Author Shakespeare
Hecate wants the witches to give Macbeth these false impressions. Visions
Hecate is their queen. Witches
Fair is ___, and ___ is fair. Foul
The witches showed Macbeth eight ___. Kings
Kills Macbeth for revenge and to restore the throne to the proper ruler. Macduff
He escapes Macbeth’s Murder plot, but Banquo does not. Fleance
Macduff discovered Duncans dead ___. Body
The night is long that never finds the ___. Day
In line for the throne after Malcolm. Donalbain
Queen of witches. Hecate
Why do you dress me in borrowed ___? Robes
The ___ is free. Time
Malcolm fled to ___. England
Messanger; told Macduff his family was murdered. Ross
Lady Macbeth’s signal to Macbeth. Bell
King of Scotland; murdered by Macbeth. Duncan
Macbeth is Thane of ___ and Thane of Cawdor Glamis
The Witches showed Macbeth an armed ___. Head
But signs of nobleness, like ___. Stars
Macbeth defeats him, which pleases Duncan. Macdonwald
One of Duncan’s noblemen. Lennox
There’s ___ in men’s smiles. Daggers
Macbeth saw Banquo’s ___ at the banquet table. Ghost
Donalbain flees to ___. Ireland
___ Wood. Birnam
Stars, hide your fires,/let not light see my black and deep ___. Desires
Malcolm army uses ___ as camouflage. Branches
Look like the innocent flower/But be the ___ under’t. Serpent
Attempts to kill Macbeth, but he is slain. Siward
By the pricking of my ____, Something wicked this way comes. Thumb