English 4

Beowulf believes that the outcome of his efforts will be determined by God and fate
qualities of beowulf come out in the epic Courage, compassion, sense of duty
How many men did Grendel kill the first time he attacked the mead hall 30
What object is save when Grendel terrorizes the mead hall The throne
What past victories had Beowulf done Killed a sea monster, won a bloody war battle
What was unusual about the way Beowulf fought Grendel He fought with only his bare hands
Characteristics of Beowulf Fearless, strong, respected
Examples of alliterations Sworn to stay and stem that horror with a sweep of their swords. Healfdanes son height Hrothgar
Why was Hrothgar’s hall been deserted for 12 years That is where Grendel would attack first
What happened to Grendel as a result of his battle His arm was ripped of by Beowulf. He retreated to his cave under the lake and died
What sign did Beowulf use to shoe his victory over Grendel Brought his arm to the king and the people
Universal idea in Beowulf Good and evil
How does Grendel respond to the realization that Beowulf will challenge his fighting skills Fearfully he has never had to really defend himself before
Beowulf reflects what about the battle between good and evil That it is never ending
Who does Beowulf come to help Hrothgar
What monsters does Beowulf fight Grendel, Grendels mother, a fire breathing dragon
Which monster gave Beowulf his death wound A fire breathing dragon
Beowulf’s deeds require tremendous what Courage
What battle is a direct result of Beowulf beating Grendel Battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. She was looking for revenge
Speech made by a character not heard by the other characters on stage Soliloquy
Play in which the main character suffers a traffic downfall Tragedy
Un rhymed lines of iambic pentameter, one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed Black verse
Why does Shakespeare use rhyming couplets at the end of each scene So the audience will know the scene is ending
What paradox acts as the theme of the play Fair is foul and foul is fair
What does the theme mean Everything is not as it seems
What is the setting of Macbeth Scotland during time of war
How did Macbeth kill Macdonwald He cut him from the nave to the head
What pets did the witches have and what were their names Graymalkin and paddock
Why was Macbeth reluctant to kill Duncan He was afraid his conscience would get the best of him. Dunkin was a good man
How did Macbeth describe the thane of cowdors death It was honorable, it was as if he had planned it
Why did Macbeth become frustrated with Duncan He was going to name his son heir to the throne
How does Duncan and the visitors describe Macbeth’s castle It is lovely but there is evil inside
What is another name for the three witches The wierd sisters
3 predictions given by the witches for Macbeth Thane of Cowdor, thane of glamis, king one day
Witches predictions for banquo Lesser than Macbeth but greater, not as happy but much happier, sons would be king
What was Macbeth’s weakness according to lady Macbeth He was to kind to be king
Only thing lady Macbeth asked Macbeth to do Act innocent while Duncan was in their home
What was Lady Macbeth’s plan to kill the king Get the gaurds drunk kill the king in his sleep and blame it on them
Where when and with with whom will the witches meet next With Macbeth, upon the the heath when we the battle lost and won
Skakespires noble character speak in what style of poetry Blank verse
Traitor on the battlefield Thane of Cowdor
What did Macbeth earn through his exploits The title of thane of Cowdor
As Macbeth thought about the witches promises what image frightened him He might have to kill Dunkan so he could be king
What action of Dunkan upsets Macbeth He is going to name Malcom heir to the throne
3 characteristics of an epic Contains a hero on a quest, contains supernatural forces, contains religious meaning
What is the theme of the pardoner’s tale Greed is the root of all evil
What did the 3 rioters see when they were drinking in the tavern Someone carrying a coffin
Who was being buried in the pardoner’s tale A friend of the rioters
What did the boys mother warn him about Death would come for him
What did the 3 friends decide to do Go find death and kill him
How might their drinking have affected their judgement They were more likely to make dangerous decisions after drinking
Why does the old man want to die He is cursed, he wants someone to take his place
What is the old mans complaint about their treatment of him Rough and rude to him told them they needed to respect their elders
What do the rioters accuse the old man of being More or less a waste of time or useless until he told them they could find death under the tree
Where does the old man tell them they will find death Behind a tree
What do they rioters find under the tree Gold
What plan does one of the rioters propose They draw to see who must go after food so they can take the gold
Who wins the draw The youngest
How do the 2 friends plan to kill the third Stab him in the back when he returns
What idea does the devil put into the young men’s mind Kill the other 2 men and take the gold for themselves
What does the youngest man ask the druggist to give him and what reason does he give for needing it Poison, he has rats in his home
What does the young man do with the poison Puts it in the whine and plans to give it to the others
What happens to the young man when he returned to the trees The others stabbed him and he died
Why does the pardoner the young men received their dues They all died due to selfishness

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