English 2H Hamlet Act 1

Who are the two guardsmen keeping watch? Who are the two men who later arrive? (1) Francisco and Barnardo.Horatio and Marcellus.
How many times has the ghost been seen before this? (1) Twice before
Why do they think it is the ghost of Old King Hamlet? (1) He wears the same armor ad Old King Hamlet did while battling armies of Norway
Why does Horatio think the ghost is appearing? (1) To warn Denmark of Fortinbras seeking revenge
How does the ghost appear in Scene 1? The ghost is only an image and won’t talk to anyone
Why do they want to tell Hamlet of ghost? (1) They think even a ghost would surely talk to its son
What is significant about the ghost leaving at the cock of the crow? (1) It symbolizes the belief that ghosts only come out at night and grow weak and vanish by morning
Who writes a note to Claudius? What does it ask? (2) Fortinbras writes a letter asking for the lands old hamlet took to be returned
Where does Laertes ask to return to? (2) France
What is significant about Hamlet’s appearance? (2) He is still wearing black clothes, his mourning clothes
What does Claudius say to Hamlet about his grief? (2) -says Hamlet’s mourning is womanly -death is a cycle -it’s a natural process that happens to everyone
Gertrude and Claudius have Hamlet stop what? (2) Going to school in Wittenberg -claims its for the family -Claudius just wants to keep eye on Hamlet so he doesn’t discover murderer
Why is Horatio at Elsinore? (2) -to attend the funeral-mostly however to see Claudius’ coronation
What does Laertes essentially tell Ophelia? (3) -Do not get involved with Hamlet no matter how much you like him -Will eventually be king and may not care for her as much-Does not want her to give up innocence to Hamlet
What Polonius essentially tell Laertes? (3) “be neither a borrower or a lender” -do not lend or steal money -remember high status”To thine own self be true” -don’t forget where you came from -act how I raised you
What does Polonius command Ophelia to do in relation to her complicated love with Hamlet? (3) -Says to stay away because she may make the family look foolish-Claims that his vows are lies and she should not believe him
What does Scene 4 open up with? Loud music and trumpets because Claudius is having a part celebrating his coronation
What does this say about Claudius? (4) -Not taking his role as king seriously and already abandoning responsibilities -He will ruin Old Hamlet’s accomplishments and make all of Denmark look foolish
Who tries to stop Hamlet from following the ghost? (4) Horatio
What does Horatio say once Hamlet decides to follow the ghost? (4) “Heaven will direct it”
Important Two Quotes/ideas in Scene 4 -“something is rotten in the state of Denmark”-the ghost could draw you into madness
How did Claudius murder Old King Hamlet? (5) With poison to the ear
How did the people think Old King Hamlet died? (5) They thought he was stung by a poisonous serpent while sleeping in the orchard
What does the ghost essentially tell Hamlet to do? (5) Avenge his death -make death mean something -doesn’t want Claudius in power bc he is bad for the entire state of Denmark
What does ghost Hamlet tell young Hamlet in regards to Gertrude? (5) He says “leave her up to Heaven,” meaning don’t judge her, just let God judge her when it is her time
What does young Hamlet call Gertrude? (5) Villain
What does Hamlet tell the guards of his plans for revenge? (5) -Warns them that he will fake madness -Tells guards to not call him out if he’s acting weirdly
How does Act 1 end? Hamlet says it is a heavy burden but he will see this plan through in order to avenge his father

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