English 2 H- Tale of Two Cities: Book 2

What is the year after the events of finding Doctor Mannet? How many years has it been? It is 1780; 5 years
Describe Telson’s Bank? It is old-fashioned, small, ugly, dirty, dark, and not a great place to be in.
What is the bank’s attitude towards change? They didn’t agree with it and felt that they didnt need it
How does Tellson’s treat the young men in its employ? They are left in the bank to become old, small, and ugly themselves. Possibly even dirty
What is Dickens’s reason for describing the Tellson’s Bank? He is using details to construct an everyday lifestyle in London.
What behavior of Mrs. Crucher makes Mr. Cruncher angry? Why does this anger him? Mrs. Cruncher’s prayers make him angry. He believes that her prayers are against him.
How does Mr. Cruncher deal with his wife? He starts to physically abuse her.
What does Mr. Cruncher tell his son to do? To keep an eyer on her in case she starts to pray again.
What physical characteristic of his fater’s does young Jerry (Mr. Cruncher’s son) wonder about? Can you make a guess about it? He wonders about his father’s fingers because they have rust on them. He could possibly be grave robbing.
What was Mr. Cruncher’s assignment when he enters the bank in Chapter 2? He is to hang around in the court and to be a messanger for the bank
What does Mr. Cruncher think is “Barbarous”? Do you agree or disagree with him? Why? Treason. Yes because you are turning against your own country
WHat is the “Old Bailey” and what is it famous for? It is a court and it has never found anyone innocent
Who is being tried, and what is the charge against him? Charles Darnay is being tried for treason.
Who is present in the courtroom to act as witnesses for the prosecution? John Basard,
Who is the prosecutor of the trial and who is his partner? The prosecutor is Mr. Attorney-General and his partner is Mr. Solicitor General
What does Basard say to try a prove that Darnay is guilty? He says that Darnay carried lists, which were unspecified, from France to England, and vice versa
Who are the witnesses that are on Darnay’s side? Mr. Lorry and the Manettes
WHere did Mr. Lorry, Miss Manette, and Dr. Manetter first meet Charles Darnay? What was Lucie’s opinion of him? On a ship 5 years ago. Lucie believes that he is a great and kind man because Darnay helped her father when he became sick on the boat.
What did the wigged gentleman who was looking at the ceiling point out to the counsel, Mr. Stryver, on the piece of paper that he threw at him? He believes that Darnay could look like someone else such as Mr. Carton
WHat happens in the courtroom to prove that Mr. Carton is much more observant than his manner lets on? He was the first person to see that Lucie was fainting
What personal service does Carton do for Darnay? What do you think this hints at for the future? He tells Charles that Lucie will be alright. This hints at a future love relationship between Charles and Lucie
What is the verdict of the trial? Darnay is acquitted
Who’s idea was it that Darnay could have looked like someone else? It was Carton’s idea
What do you think Caton’s and Darnay’s toast foreshadows? They will have a rivalry for Lucie
What is Sydney Carton’s opinion of himself? He believes that he is a waste of space, there is no hope for himself, and that no one cares for him nor does he care for himself
What do a lot of people in London do during this time? They drank a lot
What is Carton’s job? He is Stryver’s assistant
Describe Carton’s work routine. Sleeps, gets drunk, works with Mr. Stryver, gets drunk again and the cycle repeats. This happens at night form about 10 PM- 3 AM
After reading this chapter (Chapter 5) describe Sydney Carton’s life and tell how you think he feels about it? Carton is a drunkard and he really does not care about his life at all.
What is the relationship between Stryver and Carton? Stryver is the face of the operations whereas Carton is the brains.
What animal is Stryver considered as? The lion because of his power
What animal is Carton considered as? A jackal because they are scavangers and pick up the leftovers after animals like lions
What can alcohol fuel? It can fuel a lot of negativity
Where does Mr. Lorry go most Sundays? Why? He goes to Soho to visit the Manettes
What kind of housekeeper is Lucie? She does the job well and keeps things clean
Describe Miss Pross as she appears on the surface and how she really is once you get to know her? She seems like she is jealouse and rude, but when you really get to know her, she cares for the Manettes and is very unselfish
How does Miss Pross describe the Doctor’s mental condition? What does it take to soothe him? The Doctor is uncertain whether he can prevent losing himself again; Lucie soothes him.
Who are the “hundreds of people” that visit the Manette’s on Sundays? Lucie’s suitors, some of which are Charles Darnay, Sydney Carton, and Mr. Stryver
What kinds of people associate themselves with the Monseigneus? WHat does this say about what it takes to get ahead in France at this time? They are to be very rich And high and mighty. Basically what this says about what it takes to get ahead is that it will become very difficult to become rich
Describe the “accident” that befalls the Monsieur the Marquis in the streets of Paris? He runs over a child
What is the Marquis’s attitude toward this “accident” He does not care nor does he understand what is going on and throws a coin at the father thinking that will take care of things
What are the conditions in the Marquis’s home village? It is practically a dead village. Poor and unfertile
What unusual sight did the roadmender see? What prediction can you make from this? He saw a tall, thin, white-faced man like a specter. This could represent the death of the Marquis
What does the Marquis do when a woman asks for money to build a headstone? He doesn’t care and rides away
Who is the Marquis expecting? Can you guess the identity of this person? Monsieur Charles. It could be Charles Darnay
What does Charles accuse his uncle, the Marquis?

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