English 12 Unit 1 Lesson 9 Unit Test Part 1

She was FICKLE in her friendships, Which both formed and ended abruptly. Inconsistent
The soccer team swore to AVENGE its loss when playoff season came. Get even for
After a summer of toil on the part of the teenagers, the neighborhood fort was completed. Continuous work
Lair Hideout
Scabbard Sheath for a sword
Hilt Handle of a sword
Complacent Not eager to please
Covetous Eager to obtain and possess
Grendel easily killed thirty warriors during his first attack because his victims were. Asleep
Which of these helps qualify Beowulf as an epic poem? It’s protagonist is a god-like hero
Which of these shows the value that Anglo-Saxon culture placed on strength and valor? The Geats’ carrying of Beowulf’s battle gear from the lake to Herot
Why do the Geats carry Grendel’s heavy head all the way back to Herot? Out of pride
How does Beowulf feel when he learns that the dragon has melted his hall and his throne? Responsible
Who is the antagonist in “The Battle with the Dragon?” The dragon
To whom does Beowulf give credit for the retrieval of treasure from the dragon’s tower? God
In “The Seafarer,” who or what is said to issue threats of illness, age, and an enemy’s sword? Fate
Which of these explains why the author of “The Wife’s Lament” is not allowed to pursue a different life? She is a woman
Which of these is true of “The Seafarer,” “The Wanderer,” and “The Wife’s Lament?” All three describe the loneliness of exile

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