English 12 Macbeth Act 4 Selection Test

Macbeth’s downfall What is the purpose of Act 4?
even the witches now consider Macbeth evil What is meant by the witches saying “Something wicked this way comes?”
he is reassured by the third apparition What makes Macbeth not want to have Macduff killed?
it emphasizes how ruthless Macbeth has become What does Macbeth having Lady Macduff and her children murdered show?
questioning and courageous What best describes how Macduff’s son is portrayed?
Macduff’s noble despair for his country What finally convinced Malcolm Macduff is loyal?
to motivate Macduff to return to Scotland? What is Malcolm’s primary role in Act 4?
“It weeps, it bleeds, and each new day a gash is added to her wounds.” What conveys how Malcolm really feels about Scotland?
his family is unprotected when Macbeth’s henchmen arrive Which of the following plot developments occurs as a direct result of Macduff’s leaving his castle and fleeing Scotland?
Macbeth and Macduff The end of Act 4 foreshadows conflict between?
pernicious evil
judicious showing food judgement
sundry various
intemperance lack of restraint
avarice greed
credulous tending to believe too readily
sundry More suffer and ______ ways than ever
avarice A stanchless _______ that, were I King
credulous Malcolm is not _________ when Macduff insists that he is honest.
intemperance Malcolm pretends to have boundless __________
pernicious Let this _______ hour stand ate accursed in the calendar
judicious He is noble, wise, and ________.