English 12:4.13.3 Lesson: Macbeth Act II: Scene 3-4

Have you ever had a dream that incorporated things that were actually happening in the real world? Maybe you were dreaming about school and your alarm became the school bell.The porter hears the real world knocking, but he is having a dream and incorporates the knocking into his dream. What does he dream he is doing? He dreams he is the gatekeeper of hell.
Why is Macduff at Macbeth’s castle? The king asked him to come get him early.
Notice Lennox’s description of the events of the night. These unnatural events occurring in nature are symbolic of the unnatural events taking place within the castle. Nature is revolting against Duncan’s murder.Name at least three things that occur that night. A strange screams, chimney blown down, prophesying.
Who is first to discover Duncan’s murder? Macduff
What did Macbeth confess to doing and why does he say he did it? He confessed to murder but knows not why because his violent love out ran his reason.
What are Malcolm and Donalbain’s responses to the murder? They are startled by the horror and had fear and scruples from it.
Part of the purpose of this scene is to reinforce the symbol of unnatural events in nature mimicking the unnatural event of Duncan’s murder.Two specific events are particularly frightening. Explain them. A hawk owl killed a falcon and Duncan’s horses went wild
What news does Macduff bring about Macbeth? He is being crowned King.

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