English 11 The Crucible

What does reverend parris see in the forest? The girls dancing and Tituba waving
What do the stage directions in the following lines tell you about Abigail williams?Parris: Child. Sit you down.Abigail (quavering as she sits): I would never hurt Betty. I love her dearly. Her uncle, Reverend Parris, makes her nervous.
Ann Putnam sends her daughter Ruth to Tituba to Speak to Ann’s dead babies
You can draw the conclusion that Abigail Williams thinks she knows more about the world than the other women in the villiage know from her conversation with John Proctor
Reverend Hale shows his education and authority by Teaching people how to recognize witches
Deference is the respect that an elder deserves
Corroborating means Supporting with evidence
Imperceptible means unnoticable
what does iniquity mean wickedness
anarchy means the absence of order
elizabeth explains to proctor that if people confess to witchraft that they will be saved from hanging
Proctor knows that abigail plans to accuse Elizabeth of murder
why is elizabeth suspicious of proctor he lied about seeing abigail alone
elizabeth things that abigail has accused her of witchcraft because abigail wants to marry proctor
what conclusion can you draw from proctor after he forgets the commandment about adultery he feels guilty
what circumstance points to abigail as the villain in this drama the needle in the poppet
Elizabeth’s willingness to go with cheever allows you to draw the conclusion that she is strong
what does proctor question as elizabeth is beign arrested how innocent the accusers are
one conflict that drives the plot in act two of this drama is a struggle between john an elizabeth proctor
corroborate revise
giles, proctor, and francis come to the court to prove that their wives are innocent
when danforth says that “… a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between” you can draw the conclusion that he is a stern person
giles says that george jacobs is named as a witch because thomas putnam wants george’s land
the plot of the drama moves forward through dialogue when mary says that she can no longer lie
Proctor finally tells about his affair with abigail to save elizabeth
if someone is contentious, he or she is quarrelsome
deference means courtesy
imperceptible means extremely slight
anarchy also means chaos
immaculate means pure
danforth does not want hale in the jail because hale has no authority in the jail
parris wants hale to come to the jail to make people confess
what behavior allows you to draw the conclusion that something is bothering parris he cries all the time
what evidence does parris give that the townspeople do not support the trials very few people come to proctor’s excommunication
hale tries to be a hero in this drama when he tries to get people to confess
danforth says, “I cannot pardon these when twelve are already hanged for the same crime.” you can draw the conclusion that he is unwilling to admit his mistakes
why does danforth insist that proctor sign the confession the town must know that he has confessed
why is proctor angry after he signs the paper proctor refuses to be part of a lie
subservient means agreeable
adamant meas unyielding

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