Eng. 10 – Crucible – Act II

Elizabeth Proctor is afraid that her husband: Is still interested in Abigail Williams
People who have been accused of being witches by the court may save themselves from hanging by: confessing to being witches
What reason doe John Proctor give Rev. Hale for his absence from church? He does not think the Rev. Parris is a godly man.
Rev. Hale comes to the Proctor’s house: to ask the Proctor’s some questions
Which commandment does John forget when Hale asks him to recite the Ten Commandments? THou shall not commit adultery.
What is Hale’s advice to the Proctor’s as he prepares to leave their home? go to church and baptize their youngest child
As Elizabeth is led away to jail, what does Proctor demand of Mary Warren? That she inform the court that Abigail is lying.
Elizabeth says that Abigail accuses her of being a witch because: Abigail wants to get rid of Elizabeth, so she can have John.
What is unusual about the doll Mary Warren gives to Elizabeth Proctor? It has a needle stuck in its stomach
Who says, “That girl is a murderer; she should be ripped from the world.” Elizabeth Proctor
Who says,”an eerlasting funeral marches around your heart.” John Proctor
Mary Warren claims she is an official of the court trying witches
What is the real reason behind Mary Warren giving Elizabeth the doll? Abigail told her too & then proof that the court comes looking for.
John Proctor’s internal conflict is: his guilt over his affair with Abigail
An external conflict in the play: Girls accusing people of witchcraft
Short Answer: How does Proctor’s conflicts mirror the broader conflict in the play between public appearance and private reality of people’s/character’s lives? various answers

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