ela othello

what is a moor? •African immigrant•Muslim or Berber Descent, from Africa•Often symbolic of Evil in Renaissance Drama
where does this play take place Venice•Moves to Cyprus•SETTING (TIME) · Late sixteenth century, during the wars between Venice and Turkey
roderigo says to iago, “thou… hast my purse/ As if the strings were thine” (1.1.2-3). what does this statement indicate to us. •How could this happen, if I gave you the money?•Iago of course talks his way out of it.
what does “this” in line 3 refer to? •This refers to the elopement of Othello and Desdemona.•Roderigo is in love with Desdemona.•Roderigo is gullible.
why is roderigo upset/angry in scene 1? •Upset about marriage•Hold back passion – Revenge against him
why is Iago upset in regards to Cassio? explain? over for a promotion.•Iago feels that he is more experienced with battles than Cassio.•Cassio is only about theory and not practice.
in the middle of the scene, iago says he will feign loyalty towards othello. cite two lines in which he maks reference to this intent. •A. Line 43 – “I follow him to serve my turn upon him.”•B. Line 50 -” Others there are Who, trimmed in forms and visages of duty, Keep yet their hearts attending on themselvesAnd, throwing but shows of service on their lords,Do well thrive by them. And when they have lined their coats, Do themselves homage. These fellows have some soul..”
brabantio (desdemonas dad) has met rodrigo before. what does brabantio think of him? •Tells him to stay away.•He has tired to get with Desdemona.•Stage five clinger.
why does iago leave hthe scene before brabantio comes doen to the street? explain? •He must maintain the illusion of being loyal to different people at the same time. Above all he must appear loyal to Othello while working to destroy him through manipulating Cassio. Iago can’t be seen with Roderigo so that Brabantio will not know that Iago has any part in bringing the news of Desdemona’s elopement.
by the end of this scene, racism is clearly indicated. cite some words/phrases that are used that show iagos hatred of Othello bay be based soley on racist views Line 69 – “Thicklips owe”•Line 94 – “Old black ram”
to who does “him” refer to in line 5? explpain what it is Iago is saying here •11. Talking both about Roderigo and Brabantio to Othello•Othello to get angry.•Maybe get him out of his position.
othello is very confident in this scene. cite a line that demonstrates his confidence let him do his spite.”• The services I have done for the Venetian government will count for more than his complaints will. No one knows this yet—and I don’t like to brag, but I come from a royal family, and I’m as noble as the woman I’ve married. And let me tell you, Iago, if I didn’t love Desdemona as much as I do, I’d never agree to get married and lose my freedom at all. But look at those lights. Who’s coming?
although othello and iago are awating the arival of barbantio, cassio comes instead. why is cassio there? •The Duke and Senate want to see Othello right away.
what does barbantio believe about the relationship between Othello and Desdemon? cite the appropriate lines in your answer •You evil thief, where have you hidden my daughter?•You devil, you’ve put a spell on her! Anybody with eyes could tell you that a beautiful and happy young girl like her, who’s refused to marry all of the handsome young men of the city, wouldn’t run off with a black thing like you unless she’d been bewitched.•so I’m arresting you.—Arrest this man as a practitioner of black magic. Grab him. If he struggles, use force!
according to reports, where is the turkish fleet headed •Fleet is reported to go to Rhodes (Ploy)•Fleet is actually going to Cyprus.•Venice is threatened.
brabantio again accuses othello of whichcraft. Othello however explains the “whole course of love” between himself and desdemona. According to his monologue, how did their relationship develop? •Othello – visited Brabantio to tell of battles and stories of his life.•Desdemona pitied him and fell in love with his story. She shows some form of sympathy.•Brabantio thought favorably of Othello at first. Almost intrigued.
how does the duke respond to Othello’s monologue? •Duke wants to speak with Desdemona.•Duke’s daughter would be intrigued by Othello’s story as well. Othello would win her over.
what does Brabantio ask his daughter when she first enters? what is her response •Line 192- Do you perceive in all this noble company? Where most you owe obedience?•Who do you owe your obedience for?•I owe him as much as my mother owed you, just as she preferred you to her own father. So I have to give my obedience to the Moor, my husband.
desdemona wants to go to cyprus with her new husband. how does othello convince the men that his wife should be allowed to go with him? I want this because she wants it—I love her for her mind. And I’d never want you to think that I’d neglect my serious official duties while she was there with me. If I ever let love blind me so that I choose to lounge around in bed with my loved one instead of going off to war, then you can let a housewife use my helmet as a frying pan. My reputation would be disgraced if I ever acted like that.
what is the dukes decision •Allows them to decide privately
what warning does brabantio have for his new son in law as they depart? cite the line and explain the meaning •Line 313 – “Look to her Moor, if thou hast eyes to see. She has deceived her father and may thee.”•Keep an eye on her, Moor. She lied to me, and she may lie to you.•Foreshadowing
since othello must leave within the hour, who will be left in charge of desdemona in the meantime. Iago is left in charge.•He will bring Desdemona when its right.
what does Rodrigo say he wants to do now that his “love” has married another? be detailed in your explanation. Roderigo wants to drown himself.•He is VERY VERY upset.•Iago said lets get revenge.
why does iago repeat “put the money in the purse”? •You can trust me. Go now and get cash.•I told you before, and I’ll tell you again and again: I hate the Moor. I’m devoted to my cause of hating him, just as devoted as you are to yours. So let’s join forces and get revenge.•If you seduce Desdemona and make a fool out of him, it’ll be fun for both of us..
soliloquy. an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play.
allusion-janus two faced, relates to iago