Ela Beowulf Questions And Answers

the mead hall was named ____ and there promised feast were held and gold rings were distrubted to the people herot
who killed hrothgar’s monster grendel the monster
why did the danes flee herot at night grendel attacks at night
a good man heard of hrothgar’s toruble and grendels killings. that man was _____ beowulf
why does beowulf sail to denmark to help hrothgar’s people and slay grendel
what does beowulfs way of identify himself suggest about the values of a warrior family is important you are already favored upon if you ancestors are honored
what happens when grendel grabs beowulf beowulf and grendel get into battle, and then he rips his arm off, and then grendel flees to his lair
where does beowulfs battle with grendel end herot
what request does beouwlf make befroe he dives into the lake he asks him to send the treasures he won to the great king hygelac
why does the danes think beouwlf has been slain because they see strong waves and blood coming up from the monsters lake
according to wiglaf, what is beowulfs relationship with his followers all of his warriors desert him, except, wiglaf
why does beowulf decide to come to beouwlfs aid to have the treasure collected

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