Economic Geography

Match the important period of economic geography with the writers/ideas that came from it. late 18th century- Adam Smith, David Ricardo, political economylate 19th century- neoclassical economics1930s to 1940s- emergence of national accounting
How does our textbook define economic geography? an analytical attentiveness to, and an explanatory emphasis upon, the substantive implication of space, place, scale, landscape, and environment in (what are deemed to be) “economic” processes
Homer’s The Odyssey is an early example of a text about globalization. true
Globalization includes the ever‐increasing economic geographic integration of the world as measured by the movements across national borders of: goods, service, capitalknowledge and infolaborcultural goods and activities
How have technological improvements in transportation changed the economic functioning of the world? – In combination they colossally reduced freight costs, facilitating the current cornucopia of cheap commodities from around the world.- It has changed them a lot because it is now almost costless to transport goods across the world, meaning we can now transport huge shipments of goods, which in turn pays for the transportation
What is the most important question in geography? where?
What is one reason a student studying economic activity would benefit from considering the spatial aspects of that activity? If they are more aware of their geographical surroundings then they can understand how and why the economy activity works the way it does in that area.
Ellsworth Huntington is most associated with…? Environmental Determinism
Who was the first economic geographer to suggest the unit of analysis should be the country rather than the commodity? Whitbeck
George Chisholm’s Handbook of Commercial Geography, the very first economic geography text, was first published in 1988. false
Explain why Hartshorne’s 1939 argument for for an economic geography based on the descriptive study of unique regions was harmful to the discipline in a larger academic context. It was harmful because geographers described regions in Hartshorne’s argument, and because every place is different they each had differing laws that did not correlate. This meant that geographers could not give any explanations or predictions- they were lacking the laws to apply to the situation and it made them seem not as reliable.
What is environmental determinism? The study of how the physical environment predisposes societies and states towards particular development trajectories
Thomas Kuhn’s 1970 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is the most cited academic text of the 20th century. true
What is meant when we describe causal theory as abstract? none of these if:- it is indecipherable to non-scientists- it is undefined- it is vague
Who was the father of Regional Science? Walter Isard
Conventional theory is apolitical, aka dissociated from politics. false
Compare and contrast Marxian Economics and Post-Marxism. Post Marxian basically deconstructs Karl Marx’s writings and ideas, and It dates back to the 1960’s. It does not see economy as a foundational of politics and the state as an instrument that functions unambiguously for a given class.
What did David Harvey mean when he wrote that theorizing is “developing general explanatory statements of considerable reliability”? David Harvey was highlighting two important aspects of theory. One is generality: the explanation offered by a theory should not only apply in one place or time, it should be generalized. The other, is reliability: a good theory consistently works as an explanation. Its explanatory capacity will not often let us down, although occasionally it might.
Explain Neo-Ricardian Economics. Neo-Ricardian economics is a school that was first introduced by the Italian economist Piero Sraffa in his 1960 monogram; The Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities. He stated that context mattered in economics and showed how a determinant math solution needed reference to a set of historically contingent, non-economic relationships that lay outside the equations.
What is not part of a proper research paradigm? none of these if:- methods- ontology- epistemology
What are the two primary reasons people conduct research? filling a knowledge gap and problem solving
Who advocated for a methodology based in empirical cataloging? Chisholm
Explain Actor-Network Theory Actor‐network theory (ANT) is one of the best known approaches in science studies. It was developed by Latour. The idea is that knowledge is produced by bringing together, “enrolling” in terms of ANT, a heterogeneous set of “actors,” both human and non‐human. Those actors can include everything from human bodies, to machines, to books, to mathematical equations. Each actor is persuaded to work in concert with other actors, or, in ANT talk, to become an “ally.” Only then is a network possible, and knowledge produced.
Which country is not a likely source of cotton in the average tee shirt? Brazil
Annually, how many tee shirts are bought globally? 2 billion
Based on the dollar value of exports, which has been more globalized? merchandise
When a specific country has a comparative advantage, gains to trade will be minimized, therefore benefiting all trading nations. false
How much water is needed to produce the average tee shirt? 2700 liters
Globalization occurs naturally and is therefore unstoppable. false
How is Publix an example of a globalized company? Use at least 3 examples of products, activities, or policies in your explanation. Globalization itself is about economy coming together and expanding their markets. Publix is an example of this because some of their items are imported from other countries. For example, they have an international isle where everything is from another country, like they sell seaweed packets from China or tortillas from Mexico. They also have a Western Union at every store that allows people to send money to other countries, which could be how some people send their remittances. All of these show that in one way or another Publix is connected with other countries and it’s noticeable in store.
Who labeled economic globalization as the “latest stage of uneven development”? Neil Smith
Given an unlimited amount of time and holding all other variables stable, Zimbabwe will eventually become a rich country. true
What type of comparative advantage would lead a country to become comparatively wealthy? Why? Comparative advantage is “the theory that when countries specialize in goods in which they have a relative cost advantage, gains to trade will be maximized”. This week we learned about factors that can affect a country’s comparative advantage: institutions, culture and geography. Any of these with good foundations would be cause for a country to grow exponentially in wealth. For example, in the video it talked about The Republic of Congo and how they have corrupt institutions that fell into a resource trap that takes all the money, so the rest of the country remains poor. If The Republic of Congo had a good foundation then they could distribute the wealth to other institutions like police force, healthcare, and education. This spreading of money to institutions helps build a better economy on where they can grow and become wealthier.
The main industrial strategy that immediately followed Fordism was… flexible production
What concept is the labor process of deskilling, or disassociating the labor process from the skills of the laborer, a part of? Taylorism
What was the rise of mass production called? Fordism
Match the entrepreneur with their transformative technological innovation. Edison- light bulbZuckerberg- FBDisney- full length animationJobs- ApplePage- Google
What is an example of an industry that has been impacted by technological change? Explain the change, and how the industry has been impacted by it. One example of an industry that has been impacted by technological change is the newspaper industry. In 2013, total revenue within the newspaper industry decreased by 2.6 percent and that is still decreasing today. People used to only be able to get the news through a printed out paper that was hand delivered to their front door. Now most everyone reads the news online and has stopped subscribing the print newspaper. This is creating a ton of job loss and the end of an era in a sense; it signifies just how much technology has taken over.

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