Discussion Questions Of Mice of Men Chapter 4

What is crooks’ bunk like? What does it show you about him? He is tolerant because his bunk is so small and intelligent because he has lots of books.
Why doesn’t Crooks want Lennie to come into his room at first? Why does he change his mind? It is all Crook has and doesn’t want anyone to see it. He lets Lennie because he realizes he’ll have someone to talk to.
Why does Crooks tell Lennie so much about himself? He doesn’t have anyone to talk to and knows Lennie won’t remember the conversation.
What do you learn about Crooks’ past? His family was the only African – American family in the area and he was born in California.
How does Crooks scare Lennie with his talk? Crook keeps asking Lennie what he would do if George died or was badly injured.
Why does Candy come into Crooks’ room? Where are all of the other men? Candy comes into Crook’s room to find Lennie and tell him about the rabbits.
Why does Curley;s wife insult Candy, Lennie and Crooks? To ask where Curley is. All of the other men went into town.
How does Crooks stand up to her at first? They won’t take her bait. He tells her to leave and threatens to tell the boss to make sure she never comes into the barn again.
Why is George angry with Lennie and with Candy when he finds them in Crooks’ room? He stops talking and showing emotion because she threatened to have him killed.
BONUS QUESTION!!!!!!What kind of trouble will Curley’s “jail bait” wife cause? She will make a mess. They are going to be a bad mess about her.

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