Different types of love in Othello

OthelloDesdemonaBrabantio Iago Which characters are key for presenting different forms (OR PERSPECTIVES ON/) of love?
It’s a stereotypical, possessive love of the time. Parental/maternal love. He wants the best for Desdemona, yet he is conscious of his association with her and the implications of the miscegenation. So ultimately, wants the best for her, but it needs to benefit him. How does Brabantio present love?
Initially she’s impulsive and naive, perhaps a little childish. She fell in love with his stories and adventures and Othello was actually able to give her something; he gave her adventure and strength and knowledge – she had turned away previous…suitors BUT WANTED OTHELLO. HER LOVE IS DIVIDED AND HER LIFE IS DEFINED BY A MALE THE FIRST THING SHE SAYS IN THE ENTIRE PLAY IS “my noble father or something or other” Desdemona in love?
Quite proud = devoted true. He probably takes pride in a young, well-bred woman taking a fancy in him. Othello’s love???
Iago believes it is a choice. To love anybody can be controlled by will. It is suggested he is in love with Othello due to his jealousy and thinking of love as a choice. I believe, because he didn’t get to marry due to true love (due to arranged marriages at the time or marriages for status) he believes true love is limited and not encompassing. Iago and love don’t necessarily belong in the same sentence.
Parental Unrequited True (so like completely devoted) What types of love are presented in Othello?