Death of Julius Caesar

Why & how Caesar died • Group of senators saw Caesar as a tyrant• His “friends’, Brutus and Cassius, decided to plot his deathMarch 15, 44 B.C.E.: Brutus, Cassius and other angry senators stabbed Caesar to death in the Forum
Fall of the Roman Republic • Julius Caesar’s nephew and adopted son• Allied with Marc Anthony and Marcus Lepidus to form the second Triumvirate• This was created to replace Julius Caesar
Second Triumvirate • Defeated Brutus & Cassius• Octavian forced Marcus Lepidus to retire• Brought the Republic to an end by dividing Rome into three equal partso Each man took power over one third of Rome
Marc Anthony • While in Africa, Marc Anthony falls in love and marries Cleopatra (Egyptian Pharaoh)• Octavian uses this marriage as a way to get rid of Antony, so that he can be the only ruler of Rome• Octavian convinces the Romans that Marc Antony is planning to conquer Rome with Cleopatra o Declares war on Anthony
Octavian’s War • Octavian sets out to capture Antony & Cleopatra• To avoid capture, they commit suicide in Egypt• Results: Octavian becomes the ruler of all of Romeo Changes his name to Augustus Caesaro Creates a large & prosperous empireo Ushers in Rome’s golden age (Pax Romana)

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