Crucibles Act 2

What does Mary warren bring home to Elizabeth proctor small rag doll she made
What is significant of the gift Mary warren brought the rag doll is actually a poppet because Cheever finds a need in it
What evidence is used to support Abigail Williams’s assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft? the poppet seen by Cheever & Hale
Do you think the evidence is compelling? Why or why not? I believe during those times the evidence was strong enough to support Abigail’s assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft. I believe this because in the time during the Salem Witch trials, an accusation from someone, anyone was enough to get you to court.
What does Sarah Good do to save herself from hanging? Sarah Good confesses to sometimes making a compact with Lucifer
Why should such an action save her? Her confession saved her because she came clean with her truth and did not deny it
According to John Proctor, what is “walking Salem” and writing the law of the community? walking salem is vengeance
What evidence would support Proctor’s assertion? The fact that the people in salem are blaming one another for witchcraft supports Proctors assertion
Who says the witchcraft trials are “black mischief?” The person that says witchcraft trials are a “black mischief” was Proctor
What is ironic about that remark? his remark is ironic because Proctor was the one who was being malicious or mischief a while back.
What is ironic in the fact that Ezekiel Cheever is the one who arrests Elizabeth Proctor It is ironic that Ezekiel Cheever is the one who arrests Elizabeth Proctor because the Proctors were blaming Abigail and told Cheever to arrest her, but Cheever ignored them and went to search Elizabeths house and found the needle in the poppets skirt.
Pallor paleness
Base mean; low
Deference respect; regard
Ameliorate make better
Avidly eargly
Theology the study of religion

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