Who is the author of the crucibles? Arthur Miller
What is the setting? Salem, Massachusetts- 1692
What was the religion of the people in the play? Puritans
Why is Rev. Parris praying at the opening of the play? About Betty being unconscious (Abigail knows she’s faking)
What was really wrong with Betty Parris? She was scared of being caught of what she did in the woods so she pretended to be unconscious
Name four of the girls involved in witchcraft: Betty, Abigail, Tituba, and Ruth
What secret does John Proctor have? He had an affair with Abigail
Who danced naked in the woods? Paris thought Betty was, but it was actually Mercy Lewis
Who drank blood? Why? Abigail- to kill John Proctors wife; Elizabeth
Who keeps suggesting that the problem with the girls involves witchcraft? Thomas and Ann Putman. They suggest because their children have died and don’t like Rev. Parris
Who changed their mind about Rev. Parris saying he was made of iron? Giles
Why did Rev. Hale believe that the devil was a necessary part of the universe? Uses the devil to make people believe in God and the church, by scaring them
What was Giles Corey asking Rev. Hale about his wife? About the books his wife reads
What was Abigail’s story when she was questioned about Tituba and the night before? Tituba tried to get her to drink the stuff in the kettle with a frog. Tituba forced them to drink blood, laugh during prayer, and go naked.
Who is Ruth? Daughter of the Putmans. Parents sent her to tituba to see why so many of their children have died
Which two men got into a fight over land? Proctor and Putman
Which girl said she did not participate but only watched the others? Marry Warren
Which girl is Putnams maid? Mercy lewis
Who said he was going to find the party against Parris and join it? John Proctor
Who was the first person to admit working for the devil? Tituba
What is the setting of Act II? The common room at proctors house
How does Elizabeth feel about John at the opening of the act? John is trying to say nice things to her
What specific thing does Elizabeth want John to do about the witch trials and why does he refuse to? Go to Salem and tell them its fraud, he doesn’t want to tell them he knows its fake because then they will ask how he knows and its because of his affair
Why does Elizabeth think he refuses? Because he still has feelings for Abigail
What surprising information does Mary Warren bring the proctors about the trials? 39 woman have been arrested
Describe the “hard evidence” against Sarah Osborn: Didn’t know her commandments
How does Mary Warren try to blackmail John and elizabeth? Says Elizabeth has been mentioned in court
What gift does Mary Warren give Elizabeth? A doll
How does Abigail use the doll to get Elizabeth in trouble? Mary put the needle in the doll innocently and Abigail saw her so she manipulated it so she stabbed herself because knew Elizabeth had the doll
Why does Rev. Hale come to visit the proctors? Find out if really Christians
Name five things Hale learns about the Proctors that disturbs him: Have not been to church often, last child not baptized, doesn’t trust Parris, can’t say 10 commandments, and don’t believe in witches
What information foes Francis Nurse bring to the Proctors? That Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft
What accusation has been made against Martha Corey? That she has been accused, blamed as a witch for casting spells on pigs
Why does Ezekiel Cheever go to the Proctors? The needle is in Abigail like in Elizabeth’s doll
Why will Mary Warren not tell the truth about the doll she made? Because she is afraid of Abigail, girls will tell on her
What is Parris’ position in Salem? Minister
What did Parris catch his daughter and other girls doing before the play started? Dancing in the woods
Why did Elizabeth fire Abigail? Because she was having an affair with john
As the play opens, whom has Parris asked to come to Salem? Reverend Hale
What is John Proctor’s chief complaint against Parris’s sermons? They focus too much on fire and brimstone
What does Mrs. Putnam blame on witchcraft? The death of her seven children in infancy
Who is the first person that Abigail claims practiced witchcraft? Tituba
In Act II, what does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth Proctor when she returns home from the trials? A poppet- doll
What news does Mary Warren bring from Salem? That someone accused Elizabeth of witchcraft
Whom do Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick, the marshal, come to the Proctor home to arrest? Elizabeth Proctor
To what does John Proctor convince Mary Warren to testify? That the girls are only pretending to be possessed
Who is in charge of the court? Danforth
Why will Elizabeth not be hanged if she is found guilty? Because she is pregnant
On what charge is Giles Corey arrested? Contempt of court
When Mary Warren testifies against them, what do Abigail and her troop of girls do? They claim that Mary is bewitching them
What does John Proctor do, in a desperate attempt to foil Abigail? He tells them about his affair with her
Who is brought in to corroborate John Proctor’s claims about Abigail? Elizabeth Proctor
What does Elizabeth do when called upon to testify? Tells a lie
Who is the Proctors current secant girl? Mary Warren
Who is an 83 year old man? Giles Corey
Who was naked in the forest? Mercy Lewis
Who is the father of the 7 young children who died? Thomas Putnam
Who is a slave from Barbados? Tituba
Who’s wife reads strange books? Giles Corey
Who is reverend Parris niece? Abigail Williams
Who drank blood to kill goody proctor? Abigail Williams
A 72 year old woman? Rebecca Nurse
Giles Corey was arrested for ____? Refusing to name his sources of information
What was Elizabeth brought into court to do? Confirm Johns story o his affair
Proctor says his wife never ____. lies
Who is worried more about his reputation than his daughters afflictions Reverend Parris
Who does not believe in witchcraft? Rebecca Nurse
Why does John Proctor tear his confession? what is the consequence of this? He does not want to sell out his friends or his name. he would rather die with integrity instead of living as a fraud. he is hanged.

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