Crucible Quotes Quest

1. We cannot leap to witchcraft. They will howl me out of Salem for such corruption in my house. Here Reverend Parris is speaking to Thomas Putnam in Act I about his fear for his personal reputation and safety if his name and household are linked to witchcraft through his daughter Betty, niece Abigail, and slave Tituba. We learn that Parris is always concerned with himself first, so as the witchcraft accusations spread, he takes any stance that he thinks is in his own best interest, taking no personal responsibility for the welfare of his parishioners.
2. You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor. Here Betty is speaking to Abigail in Act I about how Abigail drank blood to try to kill Good Proctor. We learn that she drank it because Goody Proctor fired her and out her on the streets and that it was a bunch of girls and Tituba that were in the ceremony to conjure up Ruth’s sisters. Also that Abigail is the leader and is also very abusive and threatening.
3. But I will cut off my hand before I ever reach for you again. Here Proctor is speaking to Abigail about his feelings for her. We learn that in the past they had an affair, until Goody Proctor kicked her out. But Abigail says that she still has feelings for him, Proctor says that he would rather cut off his hand than do it again.
4. There is a prodigious danger in the seeking out of loose spirits. Here Rebecca is speaking to Mr. and Mrs. Putnam and Parris about how they sent for Hale when she does not think that what is happening to Betty deals with spirits.
5. You think that it is God’s work that you should never lose a child and I bury all but one? Here Mrs. Putnam is speaking to Rebecca about how Rebecca has plenty of children and grandchildren, but Mrs. Putnam has had many, but only one has survived. We also learn that Mrs. Putnam thinks that there is a certain reason in the village for it.
6. Why, then, I must find it and join it. Here Proctor is talking to Parris about joining a group of people against Parris for reverend. He believes that Parris is not a good Reverend and that they need a new one.
7. I mean to crush him utterly if he has shown his face. Here Hale is speaking to everyone in the room about the devil. He is there to find out if there is a devil in Betty or if she is really just scared unconscious. He is supposed to be an expert on devils and if there is one in Betty he will remove it.
8. You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to your death. Here Parris is talking to Tituba about removing the spirits from Betty. Tituba denies that she had any control over what is happening to Betty. But she soon confesses that she knows other women who are with the devil.
9. It’s winter in here yet. Here Proctor is speaking to Elizabeth about their relationship, how it is cold and distant because he cheated on her. There is much tension between them in this conversation
10. I do not judge you. The magistrate that sits in your heart judges you. Here Elizabeth is talking to Proctor about how she believes he is a good man and that she forgives him. That she is not judging him and that he is feeling guilty and that he is being harder on himself than she is.
11. I never knew before…I remembered everything she done to me. Mary Warren is talking to Elizabeth and John Proctor about how Goody Osburn is a witch. Mary thinks that Goody Osburn has put curses on her and that she was trying to choke her during the trial.
12. I must tell you, sir, I will be gone every day now. I am amazed you do not see what mighty work we do. Mary is talking to John Proctor again about how she will be going to Salem every day to help in the witch trials and how she thinks that the work she is doing is very important and just,
13. Adultery, John. Here Elizabeth is speaking to her husband while he is reciting the 10 commandments to Hale. This is ironic because he could not remember the sin he committed, adultery, and his wife who he committed the sin against had to remind him.
14. Herrick, Herrick, it is a needle. Cheever is speaking to Herrick and everyone in the room. He found a needle in the doll that Mary gave Elizabeth. The doll symbolizes Abigail, because tonight she was stabbed in the same place that the needle was stuck in the doll.
15. Come now. You say your only purpose is to free your wife. Good then, she is saved at least this year, and a year is long…will you drop this charge? Danforth is speaking to Proctor about his wife Elizabeth’s pregnancy. Because of her being pregnant they would keep her safe until the baby is born if Proctor would drop the charge but he does not listen.
16. But you must understand… that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it. There will be no road between. This Danforth to Francis Nurse about the people that signed the petition regarding all the men whose wives were charged. Since they signed the petitions saying they did not agree with the charges they were arrested and questioned, because to Danforth you are either with the court or against it.
17. Do that which is good and no harm will come to thee. This is Proctor to Mary about how if she tells the truth only good will come of it. But it is wrong because everyone that has tried doing good in this story is killed, and those doing wrong are spared.
18. I cannot give you his name. This is Giles Corry to the court saying that he will not give the name of the man who heard Putnam say that he was allowing his child to accuse people just so that he could buy their land. Giles refused to give up the man’s name because that would have the man who said it arrested.
19. It is a *****. Proctor to Danforth regarding Abigail. He is admitting to adultery with Abigail so that everything will end, but when Elizabeth is called to tell the truth about it she lies to save her husband. It is his last effort to get rid of all this lying and Abigail.
20. You will confess yourself or you will hang. Danforth to Mary about her telling the truth whether or not she saw the devil or if she is with him. That if she does not tell the truth she will hang
21. I say—I say—God is dead! Proctor to the crowd saying that he actually did see the devil just to end everything and another attempt to save his wife. He means that God is not in these trials, they may say they are doing this for God but he is not in the trials.
22. My niece, sir, my niece, –I believe she has vanished. Parris to Judge Danforth. He is informing the Judge that Abigail and Mercy Lewis has disappeared and stolen all of his money.
23. Postponement now means a floundering on my part. This is Judge Danforth, refusing to postpone the hanging because he feels it would show poorly on him.
24. Suspicion kissed you when I did. This is Elizabeth talking to Proctor about how he committed adultery with Abigail. She is starting to take some of the blame for their cold marriage.
25. More weight! This is Giles Correy speaking to the men that are stoning him for not telling the court the name of the man who told him about what Putnam had said.
26. Let Rebecca go like a saint; for me it is a fraud. This is Proctor saying that he cannot hang with Rebecca Nurse and the others because they are as good as saints and he feels he is not as good as them.
27. I will not deal in lies, Mister! This is Judge Danforth to Proctor saying that he will not have John Proctor lying about his confession, when Proctor refused to sign his name.
28. And there’s your first marvel, that I can. You have made your magic now, for I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. Proctor saying that he is not confessing nor will he let them put the letter on the church with his name because it is a lie and in telling the truth he finally feels like a good person, not as good as Rebecca Nurse but better than he used to be.
29. What profit him to bleed? Shall the dust praise him? Shall the worms declare his truth? Hale to Elizabeth, he is pleading that she convince him to confess because then he will live and that if he does hang there is nothing good coming of it because only the dust and the worms will be happy about his death. It also shows that Hale lost some of his spirituality.
30. He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him! Elizabeth to Hale saying that he was not going to convince John to confess because John had done the right thing and that she would not stop him.

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