Crucible Act II

The Proctor’s house Where does Act II take place?
eight days How long after Act I does Act II take place?
the courthouse Where is Mary Warren at the beginning of Act II?
that abigail told him they were only sporting Elizabeth wants John to go talk to Ezekiel Cheever. What does Elizabeth say John should tell him?
Abigail Who is leading the group of accusers and is now considered a saint in the community?
She’s cold hearted What does John mean when he says, “Oh, Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer!”
official of the court What is Mary Warren’s new “job”?
He was alone with Abigail In what lie does Elizabeth catch John Proctor?
a poppet When Mary returns, what does she give Elizabeth Proctor?
39 According to Mary Warren, how many people have now been arrested?
Goody Osborne Who will be the first to hang for witchcraft?
Sarah good Who has confessed to being a witch?
mumbling What “suspicious” activity did Sarah Good do as she was walking from the Proctor house?
Elizabeth According to Mary Warren, who has been “mentioned” at court recently?
Rev. hale At the height of John and Elizabeth’s argument, who suddenly appears at their door?
to see if God is present in their home Why is Rev. Hale traveling from house to house?
his wife has been sick What answer does John give Rev. Hale as to why he has been frequently absent from church?
he doesn’t God lives in Rev. Parris What answer does John give Rev. Hale as to why his son is not baptised?
adultry What commandment does John forget as he recites them for Rev. Hale?
a fortress To what does Rev. Hale compare theology?
so they won’t be hanged Why is John not surprised that so many have confessed to witchcraft?
it’s in the Bible Why does John say he does believe in witches?
if she is one there are none Why does Elizabeth say she does not believe there are witches in the world?
their wives have accused / taken Why do Francis and Giles come to see the Proctors?
she is charged for murder Of what has Rebecca Nurse been accused?
she killed that guy’s pigs Of what has Martha Corey been accused?
he is an official of the court who is collecting the accused Who is Ezekiel Cheever?
a poppet For what is Ezekiel Cheever searching the Proctor house?
a needle in her belly What does Ezekiel Cheever find in Mary Warren’s poppet?
of stabbing Abigail with the needle and poppet Of what has Elizabeth Proctor been accused?
the crazy kids are deciding everyone’s fate What does John mean when he says, “The little crazy children are jangling the keys to the kingdom”?
Pontius Pliate To what Biblical person does John compare Rev. Hale?
because he wants to chain up Elizabeth Why does John get so angry with Marshal Herrick?
that Abigail is lying What closely held secret does Mary Warren apparently know about?
tell the court everything At the end of Act II, what does John command Mary to do?

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