Crucible Act II

What do you know about the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor from the opening dialogue and stage action of act 2? We know there is tension they are trying to reconcile from John’s affair with Abigail. John and Elizabeth’s relationship is distant, but they try to connect.
Describe the power Abigail has in the court room? Abigail uses peer pressure so the other girls go along with whatever story she tells in court. She has power over John Proctor because of their affair. She knows she can “blackmail” him.
What’s going on between the Proctors on pg. 52-53? Their marriage is enduring a challenging time
Though Mary Warren can’t say who accused Elizabeth Proctor who do you believe accused her and why? Cheever and Herrick find a needle inside a doll at Proctors house. I think that Abigail accused Elizabeth because wants John and she’s trying to protect herself since she was caught using witchcraft in the woods.
Ironically what commandment can Proctor not remember? He can’t remember the commandment about adultery
Proctor seems to be the only voice of reason in the confusing end of Act 2. What are some examples to support this idea? He knows that the girls are faking it. He exposes the girls as frauds who are only pretending that there is witchcraft, and becomes the tragic hero of the story.
Why is Mary Warren afraid of telling the truth about Abby, for herself and for John? Mary is afraid of Abigail who said that anybody who crosses her would meet with a “pointy reckoning”. Mary knows that Abigail is after John’s wife Elizabeth. Mary understands that Abby is out to save herself and doesn’t care what happens to anyone else.

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