Crucible: Act I

What was wrong with Betty Parris? Betty is lying in bed yelling for her mother who has died
How does Tituba react to Betty’s condition? Tituba reacts with sadness
What news does Susanna bring from the doctor? There is no known care to help Betty who is in bed
What rumor is circulating about Betty? she is bewitched
How does Abigail initially defend the girls’ behavior in the woods? Abigail lies and says she doesn’t want her name to be soiled
Why is Reverend Parris so worried about his reputation? since people think Betty is bewitched and what Betty did in the woods…Plus she threatened to bring them to their death.
What did Parris see in the woods? Abigail, Mercy and Ruth naked dancing in the woods with Tituba trying to conjure Ruth’s seven dead sisters
What does Abigail claim is the reason she was discharged from the Proctor household? she was thrown out of the Proctor’s household because Abigail loves Proctor
In what condition is Ruth Putnam? she was walking like a dead person one night and couldn’t eat
Describe Thomas Putnam. honored, rich and has gone through a lot of tragedies
Why did Mrs. Putnam enlist Tituba’s help? she was questioning the cause of the death of her 7 children and since Tituba was accused a witch
Why did Abigail drink blood? she wanted to kill John Proctor’s wife
How does Abigail threaten the other girls? threatening to kill them and telling them to shut it
Briefly describe John Proctor. agriculturist that hates hypocrites, is not easily angered and a sinner
What happens when John and Abigail are left alone? John brings up the woods incident then they flirt or sport each other
Who is Rebecca Nurse? a reasonable and intelligent woman….spouse of Francis Nurse
What does Rebecca Nurse say about Betty and Ruth’s sickness? a “spirit is always there, always coming back for love” but also thinks Mrs. Putnam is crazy about her trying to conjure the dead. As for Betty, she tells everyone to hang in there and to praY!
Why is Reverend Parris dissatisfied with his job in Salem? He doesn’t seem to get his fair trade or end of the bargain
About what are Proctor and Putnam fighting? over the fact of “children dyin’ in the village” and the causes of this happening.
Describe Reverend Hale. witchcraft expert, around forty and a hard worker
Why has Reverend Hale been called to Salem? there have been people accusing others of witches and he’s the man to judge weather someone is a witch or not
What is Giles Corey’s complaint about his wife? communicating with the devil
Why does Tituba finally “confess”? she is a witch
Why do you think the girls begin their accusations when they could have just let Tituba take the blame for everything? the girls began their accusations when they could’ve just let Tituba take the blame for everything because they might’ve felt bad for all the blames she has taken by people
What does the girls’ behavior tell you about the youth of Salem? the youth is an insurgent one but a little immature
How and by whom are other villagers accused of witchcraft? by Abigail, Betty and Hale saying that they have seen a certain someone doing some unusual things
What motivates the girls to make accusations? The fact that Abigail will be in her “I’m literally going to kill you” stage if somebody says anything about the incident and the consequences if somebody finds out the truth is what motivates the girls to make accusations.
What do Puritans think of books other than the Bible? pure evil and Satan’s doing

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