Crucible: Act 4 – English 3 H

Why does Rev. Parris wish to spare Proctor? He fears for his life if a respected man is hanged.
What conflict between Danforth and Parris drives the plot forward? They argue about postponing the hangings.
Why does Hale ask Elizabeth to encourage Proctor to lie? Because Hale thinks that dying for pride is a terrible thing just tell a little lie.
Why is Parris so concerned with the events that are rumored to be taking place in Andover? He wants to avoid repercussions if the trials are proven to be fraudulent.
According to Parris, what is the difference in Salem’s situation as opposed to other communities? The people accused and scheduled for hanging in Salem are people of good character.
Why does Proctor refuse to say that he saw anyone else with the Devil? He doesn’t want to ruin anyone else’s name, no more accusations.
Who said “more weight,” and what is the significance of this line? Giles Corey. He dies by refusing to answer questions, he is not excommunicated and dies a Christian.
Explain how The Crucible is a tragedy. It is a tragedy because it has a tragic hero which is John Proctor. He dies at the end and leaves his wife Elizabeth falsely accused of witchcraft and imprisoned. It is also a tragedy because all the innocent people who were accused and imprisoned or killed.
Explain how Proctor is a tragic hero. Because he meets all the characteristics and has a fatal flaw.
Dramatic Irony When the audience knows something that the characters do not. Example: Audience knows Abigail has been making up stuff.
Verbal irony Use of words to mean something different from what a person actually says. Example: Abigail told John the world is full of hypocrites.
Situational irony Occurs when the exact opposite of what is meant to happen, happens. Example: John forgot one of the commandments which was adultery which was the one he broke.
The Crucible is an allegory for what contemporary event? The McCarthy Hearings.

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