Crucible (act 4)

What does the behavior of Tituba and Sarah good indicate That they have both gone crazy. They think the devil is going to transform them into birds so they can fly to Barbados
What are the conditions of the town and country side at this time Animals are roaming the town Street, crops are dying, since all adults are in jail there’s no one to take care of the kids, and 12 people have died
Why it is Reverend Hale upset when Abigail fleas and takes is money He is upset that he is now poor and people threw a dagger in his door so he thinks everyone is out to get them
Why did the authorities allow Elizabeth to speak with John John is going to be hanging out and Elizabeth is supposed to try to convince him to confess
What does Elizabeth confess to John That she wasn’t good enough for him, blames herself for the affair, didn’t know how to show him her warm loving side
What are John Proctor’s inner conflicts regarding the confession He doesn’t want to be damned and have his land up for sale if he was hanged . If he confesses he would be a liar and have a bad reputation
What happens when John ask Elizabeth for advice Elizabeth doesn’t want him to be killed and she says it is not her place to tell him
What happens with John and the confession He signs it but then rips it up
How does the play conclude John Proctor picks up Rebecca nurse and then Martha Corey and them hold their heads up high and walk to their death
What was the future of some of the characters Paris disappeared, Elizabeth married for years later and have her child, abby is a prostitute in Boston

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