Crucible Act 4

why does Danforth want Proctor to sign the confession to hang it up and everyone will know he has confessed
what behavior allows you to conclude that something is bothering Parris he’s sad and emotional
what evidence does proctor show to the towns people everyone is moving to Andover
Danforth doesn’t want Hale in jail because… Danforth has no authority
why is proctor angry after he signs the paper its admitting he’s a witch and he doesn’t want people to know
when does hale try to be a hero tryin to save proctor by having him confess
why does parris want hale to talk to proctor to get them to confess
Parris weaps because the trials have stopped
Danforth doesn’t want to admit he let 12 innocent people die and.. 7 others live because he’ll feel guilty
which of parris actions tell you his conscience is bothering him? he’s very emotional and weaping
giles corey stubborn, died by rocks crushing him so his land would go to his sons “more weight” -last words
proctor rips the paper up because he wants to save his name and doesn’t want anyone else getting killed
tituba – devil will take her to _____ Barbado’s
Abigail disappears with mary lewis and steals what and from whom money, parris
hale encourages elizabeh to convince proctor to lie, why? so he doesn’t die
stage directions – Danforth likes telling people what to do
proctor doesn’t want anyone to.. ruin his name
proctor doesn’t want anyone to die
what drives the plot forward the argument about postponing hangings
what evidence does parris give? very few people are coming to proctors death (funeral?)
Danforth relates the smell in the jail to it being what? bad treatment, hanging innocent people
giles corey reflected in his death was stubborn and smart
proctor says he can’t lie because he has too much pride and is completely honest
immaculate- free from spot / stain moral blemish / impurity fault / flaw / errors
adamant- utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion in spite of all appeals urging
subservient serving or acting in a subordinate capacity; subordinate

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