Crucible Act 3 Questions

What type of evidence does Giles Corey bring forth to save his wife? Giles says Thomas Putnam is reaching out for land with these witch trials.
Who seems like a harsher individual…Hawthorne or Danforth? Why? Hawthorne seems harsher because he is not interested in hearing the evidence. Danforth still is willing to listen.
What does Francis Nurse tell Judge Danforth? Francis Nurse tells Judge Danforth that he is being deceived by Abigail and the other girls.
Who is brought to reveal the girls are frauds? Mary Warren
What are some things Proctor has done that calls his character into question? When they came to take Elizabeth, Proctor damned the court and ripped the warrant. Proctor also plows on Sunday.
What does Goody Proctor claim? Why must this be true according to John Proctor? Goody Proctor claims to be pregnant. John Proctor says it must be true because Elizabeth never lies.
Although Proctor’s wife is saved for a year, why does he persist with the charges? The wives of Proctor’s friends are still in danger.
What further evidence does Proctor provide to the court proving that the wives are innocent? Proctor offers a testament of the character of the women arrested which has been signed by 91 people.
What will happen to the 91 people who offered testament to the good character of those arrested? All 91 will be arrested themselves for examination.
What did Giles Corey say Thomas Putnam did to George Jacobs? What was Putnam’s motive? Giles says Putnam prompted his daughter to cry witchery on Jacobs because Putnum wants to buy Jacobs’ land.
Who argues that people are afraid of the court, and that is the reason they do not come – not because they are witches? Rev. Hale
What troubles Rev. Hale? Rev. Hale is not convinced that Abigail and the other girls are being honest.
Why might Danforth want no lawyers present? It is easier for Danforth to keep control of the proceedings if lawyers are not present to protect the witnesses.
Because Mary Warren has lied, what will happen to her? Mary Warren has committed perjury and will go to jail for it.
What does Abigail say about Mary’s accusations? Abigail says Mary Warren is lying.
How does the poppet discussion get side tracked? Proctor says Abigail is plotting to get rid of his wife, Elizabeth.
Which shocking news does Danforth discover about his witnesses? He discovers his witnesses had been dancing in the woods.
What must Mary do to prove she was faking all of the spirit attacks? Mary is asked to pretend to faint.
What does Abigail do to shift the focus of blame away from her? Abigail says Mary Warren is using witchcraft to cause her to freeze.
What does Proctor admit to in order to save his wife and Mary from Abigail? Proctor admits he had an affair with Abigail.
Why does Proctor say “A man will not cast away his good name. You surely know that”? Proctor believes the court must believe him because no one would admit to leachery if it were not true.
Why does Proctor say the proper place where he and Abigail were was where his beasts are bedded…why is a stable a proper place for this? Proctor knows that is relationship with Abigail was inappropriate and sinful – he thinks it is fitting that the relationship was carried out in the barn with the animals.
In his confession to the court, why does he believe Abigail is accusing his wife? Proctor believes Abigail wants his wife dead because Abigail wishes to marry Proctor.
What test will Danforth create to see who is telling the truth…Abigail or Proctor? Danforth will ask Elizabeth why she dismissed Abigail as her servant in order to find out if Abigail or Proctor is telling the truth about the affair.
What does Elizabeth say about Abigail and Proctor? Elizabeth thought her husband John might fancy Abigail so she put Abigail out of their home.
What does Hale say about Elizabeth’s answer? Hale believes Elizabeth lied to protect her husband’s name and reputation.
What does Abigail say she sees, in order to shift the focus away from her again? Whose spirit is this supposed to be? Abigail claims to see a yellow bird in the rafters. Abigail claims the bird is Mary Warren’s spirit.
What do the girls do to further upset Mary? The girls all start to repeat everything Mary says aloud.
Why did Mary tell Proctor not to touch her and that he is the devil’s man? Mary is trying to save herself from being declared a witch.
What does Abigail do to Mary? Abigail frightens Mary into backing down from her testimony.
Why does Proctor say “I see his (Lucifer’s) filthy face! And it is my face, and yours, Danforth!”? Proctor says they both know the girls are lying but proceed with the witch trials anyway.
How do we know Hale has changed his opinion since ACT 2? Hale denounces the proceedings and quits the court.

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