Crucible Act 3 Literary Analysis & Questions

John Proctor ProtagonistAssertive, Confident, Practical, doesn’t get caught up in witchcraft hysteriaHonesty, upright, proud, places a great deal on his and his family’s reputation, speaks his mind, feels guilty about his adulterous relationship with Abigail.
Elizabeth Proctor ProtagonistCold, suspicious wife, unforgivable, naïveThinks her husband is a righteous man, blameless victim, beliefs that Abigail and John had an affair because she couldn’t receive his love from him.
Abigail Williams AntagonistSelfish, Manipulative, Magnificent liarEncouraged witchcraft, accused a lot of people of witch crafting, doesn’t want to have a bad reputation.
Mary Warren ProtagonistScared of witchcrafting, Manipulated by AbigailHas human fear and weakness and is usually swept up into the hysteria of the witch trials.
What is Proctor’s goal in bringing Mary Warren to the court? Proctor’s goal in bringing Mary Warren to court is to get the truth out, also to end the witchcraft craziness, and to clear Elizabeth out of the accusations.
Proctor brings Danforth the signatures of ninety-one people who have a good opinion of the accused. What does the judge do with the list? To put out a warrant for their arrest.
Why does Proctor admit to his wrong behavior—having a relationship with Abigail? To prove that she has a reason to lie and she isn’t a good girl as everyone thinks she is.
What three things does Danforth learn about Abigail that make him begin to doubt her character? Her dancing in the forest, her committing adultery, and her laughing at church.
Abigail and the other accusers act as if Mary Warren has used witchcraft against them. How does Mary eventually respond to their actions? She rejoins the girls and turns on John Proctor.
Recognize Verbal Irony – Read the stage direction in lines 1136-1137. To say that Abigail draws Mary to her “out of her infinite charity” is ironic because… …Abigail was actually starting to lose the believers and having Mary turn was the best thing to happen to her. She was growing weak and needed another supporter.
Draw conclusions about characters. Write a brief description of what you already know about Deputy Governor Danforth. Deputy Governor Danforth oversees the witchcraft trials in Salem, as well as in other parts of Massachusetts. He likes to think of himself as if he is fair to everyone, so it disturbs and it makes him angry to discover that people fear the court.
Deputy Governor Danforth is a fair judge because he… …has to be right about every conclusion he makes.
Analyze character motives Elizabeth Proctor lies to the judge about her husband’s relationship with Abigail because… …she loves him too much to have his “good name” have a bad reputation.
Analyze conventions of drama name the protagonist and a major antagonist of The Crucible. Describe how their interaction helps to move the plot along. I don’t know the answer for this one…

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